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Reasons People Purchase American Flags

There are quite a few reasons people may purchase american flags made in usa. The majority of these individuals are looking for a way to show their patriotism. There are many individuals who are becoming more patriotic because of the challenges that the country and Spencer over the last several years as far as combat. Many times it is insulting for people to purchase a flight from a country which is not the country of origin.

Military Funerals

Many individuals choose to make the decision to purchase flags for military funerals. This is the ultimate sign of respect to the sacrificed of a soldier has made for their country. This is also a way for people to reflect on the sacrifices that previous generations have a made to make it possible for them to live on a free nation that gives them the opportunity to make their own choices.

Holiday Celebrations

Many people choose to buy a transport and ice during the holiday seasons. This is especially true during the summer holidays including the 4th of July which encourage people to be passionate about their country. Being able to have a flag as part of the holiday celebration often makes people feel more connected to the sacrifices which have been made to keep the country safe. Many times individuals struggle with ways to feel connected with the sacrifices that have been needed work for them to be free.

Starting A School

Most private and public schools are respectful of the history of the country. This means that every classroom normally has a flag in it out of respect for the country. Many times now schools will also have flags outside of the building to indicate patriotism and personal and professional pride for the freedom of education which students are able to experience in the United States. For more patriotic takes place becomes a more likely it is that they will remain connected to the principles under which the country has been founded.This helps to unite people who are struggling to feel like they belong.

12 travelers' comments:

brook said...

this is a nice post. flags are i thing something really important and we should use them more on many occasions. i feel sorry now because not many people use them as they actually importnat are.

Pauline C. said...

My uncle is the ultimate American. He has a flag on his front porch and another one in his backyard. As for me, I raise the flag when there’s something American we’re celebrating about… It symbolizes so much for me.

StylishGeek said...

The reasons you posted on why people buy the American flag are true! I remember many moons ago that people bought them too during the 9/11 tragedy. I believe it helps all of us remember what America stands for...our freedoms that is not easily enjoyed in other countries.

Amanda said...

These are very interesting reasons as to why people display flags. I know that my neighbor is a Vietnam veteran and he flies Old Glory every day to show his respect for our country. I am in awe of his and others' dedication to our country and they deserve all of our gratitude and appreciation.


Jenny @cookeatgo said...

These are all perfect reason to buy a flag!! The American flag has a huge significant meaning to most of the United States. I love how much it signifies our freedom and our veterans as well.

Victoria said...

This was a very informative post. I never thought about the reasons people purchase American flags. I am probably one of very few who does not own a flag though. Very interesting post.

April said...

What an informational post about flag buying. Sadly, I don't have a flag right now. I need to buy one. The last one I bought was for the school I worked at. We said the pledge every morning.

MikiHope said...

I believe most soldiers who fought and died in wars have a US flag draped over their coffins as a sign of respect for their valor-which is as it should be. It is difficult for people who live in apartments to fly a flag although we would like to. I wonder if people realize that the flag is supposed to be taken down each evening and put up again in the morning--most just seem to leave them up.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Michelle, Most of the ones that lives in our neighborhood are Veterans, most of us have flags. I think you can leave the flag up as soon as there is a light shining on it. You suppose to have a light shining directly to the flag to leave it up.

Stockpiling Mom said...

We bought my husband a flag pole and American Flag for Father's Day several years ago and he proudly flies the American Flag. His grandpa and father are veterans and it means so much to us to share our Patriotic spirit!

Paula Schuck said...

I'm always happy to see people fly Canadian flags (since that's where I live) around town. It makes me feel so proud of my country and happy to know that the people around me love and support it just as much as I do. This was a wonderful little post!

Unknown said...

i guess I wasn't logged into google plus when I commented on 3-24. I'll do that next time lol. I want to purchase an American Flag, I am very patriotic and would like to celebrate the 4th and Memorial day. Nice post.

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