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What To Do in Barcelona: Awesome Activities for Families

If you’re stuck for ideas on where to take the family this summer, then I recommend Barcelona!

Barcelona is a fantastic place to visit for a family holiday. There are plenty of things to do that involve the whole family, and here’s why.

Group activities are clearly the main priority. The kids will obviously be drawn towards high-energy activities, like the zoo, cable cars, amusement parks and even some museums! But the great thing about Barcelona is it has been designed to accommodate families and has built to encourage everything to be done as a family. 

Choosing the right hotel is pivotal before you get to Barca, so make sure you do your research. If waking up to the sight of the city is your kind of thing, then I recommend looking for hotels in Barcelona with Venere

Getting Around

First of all, public transport in Barcelona is well developed in most areas, so if you’re worried about pram access, or wheelchair access then there’s no need. All trams, metros and cabs are perfectly accessible to accommodate your needs. Due to Barcelona being such a compact city, there’s generally no need for a car, as everything can be found within a short stroll. 

But should you need a car from the Airport, there are rental cars for only €40 per day at rental services throughout the city. 


Camp Nou. A must-see for any football fan. The 98,000 seater is the largest stadium in Europe and home to one of the greatest teams ever. Take the tour and see the club museum, it’s truly breathtaking. 

Aquarium Barcelona. Europe's largest and most important Museum of Marine Science of the Mediterranean, maritime habitats are emulated in over 35 different water basins. Here you will find over 10,000 marine animals from 450 species and an 80-metre-long underwater tunnel through the shark basin. For €300, visitors can dive amongst the sharks!

Museu De Cera. This is the perfect place to brush up on your Spanish history. In the Museu de Cera you’ll see more than 300 figures of kings, murderers, popes and other famous personalities with an almost lifelike feel, similar to the waxworks in Madame Tussauds in London. 

Although the focus is on historical personalities of the Spanish-Catalan region, there are also many internationally recognised figures here too!

Parque Zool√≥gico de Barcelona. The zoo covers around 13 hectares of land is home to over 5,000 animals in over 400 species. 

The zoo has something for all you animal lovers. Gorillas, Dolphins, Giant Snakes, Poisonous Dart Frogs, Monkeys and even a farm animal section!

It’s perfect for kids and adults, and very well sign posted. 

Museu de la Xocolata. Everybody loves chocolate, right? So a museum dedicated to chocolate has to be one of the first places you visit! 

Museu de la Xocolata shows its visitors the history of chocolate in Europe. The origins, how it got to Europe and how it was traded between medicine or food as well as an aphrodisiac. The museum not only reeks of chocolate it also shows the manufacturing of chocolate, from the cocoa bean up to industrial production processes.

So there are just a handful of things you can do in Barcelona that are fun for the whole family. There’s nothing quite like discovering fun and exciting things to do, so I’ll leave the rest you. 

Happy holidays! 

7 travelers' comments:

joy said...

I love visiting heritage/historical places like Barcelona, if you are a tourist in the place be aware that most settlers are still practicing the afternoon siesta, hihi

FX777222999 said...

Very nice place, Barcelona in Europe, one of my favorite too.

Jhady said...

I would love to visit Barcelona too, I have seen pictures of how beautiful it is but I would love to experience it first hand.

Franc said...

I think Barcelona is one of the best and most relaxing places to visit.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

These are such lovely places to be! :D I'd like to be in Barcelona one day!

lencilicious said...

Barcelona is our target place to visit in a year or two. Hopefully God will permit. I've heard a lot of wonderful things about the place and I will surely enjoy that most awaited vacation.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Oh I would love to be out of the country someday and visit Barcelona. Never been there before and heard a lot of great things about the place. Thanks for sharing!

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