Thursday, March 31, 2022

Our Trip to Charleston, WV

The Madonna High School's basketball varsity team made it to states this year.  The kids wanted to  watch the game and we thought we could all go so hubby took a day off and we all went down in Charleston.  It was a nice opportunity to  break the monotony of our daily routine and  go for a little drive.
Although the kids could have went with the Madonna students on the bus, we thought it would be a great bonding for us.  It's been a couple of years since we went down Charleston so it was nice being there once again.
The last time we were there was when my daughter's team competed for the finals of the history bowl.  
She was delighted that we could all go.  
Our son was very happy too that he could watch it with his friends.
He's very social but our daughter is the opposite.  She would rather sit with us than  with her peers.
Our team played again the number one seed which is James Monroe so we kind of anticipated that we would be defeated but it was still nice to be able to play since it has been years since Madonna qualified for the State tournament.

It was late when we drove back home.  We decided to eat at Chick Fil A and while we were waiting in line of the drive thru, we saw some deer on the hill gracing.

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