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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I never watched football  game when I was still in the Philippines so I have no idea how this sports work.  My husband tried to explain this to me a couple of times but I can't grasp it's concept lol.  I love sports but this one is not  my cup of tea as I can't understand the rules.  Anyway, last September  14, we went to Jimmy Carey Stadium here in our area to support the high school team (Madonna) who were  playing  that night.
The long  queue getting inside the stadium, the  full parking area, and the anxious  Burritos  wanting to get in, was a bit overwhelming lol.  The lady who was selling the ticket  hooked us up.  She only charged us for three ($18) instead of four.  Aside from that we also have to pay for parking..
It was my first time watching  football.  I mean, I watched it on TV but since I wasn't interested, I never really enjoyed it.  I must admit though that I enjoyed watching this with my husband and kids.  I think it is different when you are cheering for a team.  

The kids are more excited of  playing with their  friends and classmates rather than watching the game.  The hard part is getting them to leave.  See the other parents at the bottom?  They find it hard to get their kids to leave and so was mine.
It was late  when we  went home.  We did not even finished the game.  IT was  a nice experience for all of us.  And the great thing is, our team won, wohooo!

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nadine | flipinistas said...

i have no clue about sports! haha. so much more with football, however, what i know is during football championship, namecheap throws a contest in twitter which i annually join. haha.

Joy said...

i watch football on tv once in a while when my boys are watching it, the game is so physical, players must be tough and fit to play the game. congrats to your team sis :)

nova hedges said...

that's nice at least your team won, even if you have trouble understanding the rules the important is the experience is great, we are near to the HS in our place so whenever its football season i can see the teams playing just by watching them from my son's room.

betchai said...

i watch football once a while, one of my students in Connecticut sat with me during break time just so I could understand football, and they say, I could make some Math and Physics problems about football, and they say I am already in America and football is the number one team sports, haha! Anyway, I did understand my student, and after that, I tried watching football whenever I got a chance and made some Math problems for them to solve that are football inspired. :)

I agree with you, it is more exciting to watch when you are actually cheering for someone or a team. am sure it was fun for the kids being there, i saw in their faces.

beautiful sunset picture too :)

Teresa Martinez said...

I have no idea how this games goes, probably because it is not a very popular sport here although my son's school is actively training their students for this.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

the kids looks very happy and seems like that they enjoyed the gamE! haven't tried watching something like this in person more on tv's hehe

Juliana said...

Football is but just one of those games that my husband loves. He is an avid sports fan ng lahat ng sports haha. I can take it or leave it but when the game gets very tight I can't help but sit down and watch with the sports fan.

Glad your kids had fun, ikaw hindi? But i'm sure you did because your team won :-)

Dhadha said...

Hindi din ako mahilig sa sports. Haha! But I get to watch football with my friends dahil madaming gwapo at cute na players sa Azkals! LOL :))))

Daphne Benosa said...

LOL me too! I don't know a thing about football. But it seems like a nice sport and a great way to bond with the family. :)

jo-anne said...

It's too "physical" for my taste. :) But I agree with Dhadha, I watch sports because of the hunky players. lol

Jessica Cassidy said...

My family loves to watch football Sis :-) I hope that one day we can watch at the stadium :-)

April McGregor said...

Football is a great sport but my family isn't just into watching it. I want my kids to love sports so maybe I should take them to the football field to watch it live too.:)

Mommy Peach said...

Same here mommy Rose. I've no idea about football at all!

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