Friday, January 17, 2014

Graduation Dresses for 2014

My youngest sister is  now in her senior year.  She is doing her practicum, teaching  elementary  students.  In a couple of months or so, she will be a candidate for graduation if all goes well (which I am hoping).  She wishes I could come home and witness her graduation.  As much as I would like to, I couldn't because my  kids are still in school on that time and  if we go home, it's so dang expensive.  

How about you, do you have any siblings that is graduating this year?

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FX777222999 said...

Your choice of dresses for graduation has a taste of distinction on your personality.

Nova said...

nope, we are all graduated in our own field of specialization, congratulations to your sister i'm sure you are all very proud of her.

Franc said...

That's a big discount and these are really catchy graduation day dress.

Mel Cole said...

My little sis is going to graduate in college this year too :) They are going to wear filipiniana dress instead of toga for her batch. she's so mad as it is an additional expense. lol.

Marie said...

The graduation dresses are beautiful! I wish I can turn back time and have one of those!

Jhady said...

If I decided to go to school again I might check on their graduation dresses. You little sis is pretty and Congrats to her.

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