Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Deep Creek Marina

I can't wait till we can go on a road trip once again. I miss the long drive and the beautiful scenery.
I managed to get a quick snap of this  river view at Deep Creek Marina, when we had our   road trip last year.  Hubby and I plan to  stop by at this  place when we go  there again.  Driving along the river was relaxing.  The view makes me want to stop and rent a boat so we go for a boat ride.

I saw a beautiful house on the other side of the river.  I wonder if they ever get scared when the water is high?

Ending this post with a happy traveler.

I a so congested right now and it's not  a good feeling.  My eyes are watery and I keep sneezing.

4 travelers' comments:

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Aww, such a nice and good view to watch - been awhile since I have been in one - miss the feeling being with the sea, I'd say. :)

Nova said...

those are great ways to relax and just listen to the sound of the water. yup, that nice house looks scary, well as long as they have insurance they prolly won't mind.

Marie said...

The view is beautiful! I also love going on road trips

Ria C said...

Beautiful vista sis. I love long driving in the US. I find the sceneries really breath taking. :)

That house is nicely situated along the river bank but like your concern, I wonder if the owners get freaked when the water goes high.

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