Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Miracle Gro Fun Garden Projects

Gardening is one of the most therapeutical hobby that I enjoy doing during  warm season.  I can't afford  to hire a  professional landscaper so I  always look for ideas online about gardening and apply it in my garden  with my own twist to it.  I am so glad that there is the   The Gro Project from Miracle Gro where I can get inspiration and ideas on  how to improve  my gardening projects this year.  The photo below was one of the  projects I did in my backyard last year.  My husband  ask me sometimes if I ever get tired of changing the design of our garden coz I constantly change  it.  
There are so many fun garden projects that you can do at your yard if you have the righ mind set and tools for it.    You do not have to be a pro to beautify your  garden.  Just like I said, there are so many great ideas that you can look at in the Internet.  Miracle-Gro  helps my gardening project much easier.  
Here are some steps that I did with the said project.
1.  Looked for some gardening design online.
2.  Outlined and invisioned  the design that I like.
3.  Listed all the  materials I need  (rocks, mulch, plants, shovels, rake, etc.)
4,  When everything I need was ready, I started  doing it and that's what I came up with in the photo.
I make sure that my plants have food  so they would give me beautiful bloom in the summer time.  Last year, I used the expand 'n Gro from Miracle Gro and I got a very good result both from my veggies and flowers.  This year, I  am planning to use Moisture Control Potting Mix for my indoor plants because some of them died.  

3 travelers' comments:

riz said...

Yay! I love how you tend your garden. amazing skills. while sadly, i have a brown thumb :)

jheylo said...

I wish I can garden too, maybe in the future when we have our own house then i can do that. I bet it's really therapeutic especially when we see the good result.

mommy peach said...

My mom use Miracle Gro with all of her plants.

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