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How to Select the Perfect Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen

Choosing the right colour scheme for your kitchen is a great way to create a kitchen decorating scheme that will suit you perfectly and that will make your kitchen a place where you will want to spend time cooking and dining with loved ones. Although you might be overwhelmed by all of the colour options that are available for you to choose, following these tips can help you make the right decision.

Look At Existing Colours in Your Kitchen

If you aren't trying to spend a lot of money redoing your kitchen, it's smart to look at any existing colours in the room when coming up with your colour scheme. Looking to the colours that are used in your flooring and on your counter tops can help. You can choose to incorporate these colours specifically, or you can choose to mix and match them by choosing contrasting colours that look great with the theme.

Look At Your Dishes

Looking at your dishes and pots can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to choosing a kitchen colour scheme. If you go with colors that can be found in your pots, pans and dishes, you will already have matching sets that will look great with your new kitchen decor.

Use Decorating Themes as Inspiration

A lot of people choose to use themes when they decorate their kitchens, such as roosters, apples or happy chefs. If you think you might like to use one of these themes in your own kitchen, take a look at the colours that are commonly used in these themes. This can help you put together a very chic and comfortable kitchen quickly and easily.
An accidental art piece created at my kitchen when I placed the  chopping board on a burner that was on.  I couldn't  separate the two so I just decided to use it as an art piece in my kitchen to remind me not to do the same mistake again lol.

Go for Colours That Make You Happy

If you aren't happy in your kitchen, you probably won't want to spend time cooking and gathering in it. Therefore, use what pleases you as your inspiration. For instance, you might want to use a mix of your favourite colours in your kitchen, or you might choose to use colours that are happy and cheerful, such as yellow or orange.

Look at Pictures of Kitchens

There are countless books, magazines, websites and blogs out there with decorative inspiration, and many of them are specifically about kitchens. By taking a look at the pictures that are available in these various media sources, you can get loads of ideas and tons of inspiration. Although you don't have to copy these looks exactly, you can mix and match your favourite pictures with your own ideas to come up with the perfect colour scheme.

Look at Paint Samples

Heading to a home improvement store and looking at various paint samples is a great way to get ideas. You can hold different swatches together to see how the colours look alongside each other, and you might find a paint colour that simply speaks to you and that will look amazing in your kitchen.

About the Author

Natasha is a professional renovator from QLD, Australia, who specialises in kitchen make overs. She recommends using Metro Steel in Brisbane for any projects relating to home renovation and general building needs.

13 travelers' comments:

Anonymous said...

I suck at decorating, lol. I try and try and it never looks right.

Mommy Evolution said...

How about we just hire a professional like you :-)

MikiHope said...

Great decorating tips--I would probably go with contrasting and bright colors.

WE said...

Perfect tips, Rose. Choosing right color is not only important to Kitchen, but all around the house.

Unknown said...

I love redecorating my home. I did my kitchen two years ago and everyone was skeptical about the colors I chose, but in the end they all liked it and I still love it today. Getting ready for a living room make over this spring and I am excited!!

Kelli Avery

Andrea said...

I need to decorate my kitchen. I have so much stuff though that it looks like we just moved in with boxes stored on and even under the kitchen table among other places.

Melinda Dunne said...

I love choosing colors and decorations for my house. My kitchen has a wine/Italian theme to it and I love it.

Trendy Cyndie said...

I love your art concept

Taty said...

Best tips: colors that make you happy

Marie said...

ya i suck at decorating to, I only hang pictures on wall. I need to get some other stuff on my walls though.

cassandrasminicorner said...

Thank's for the wonderful tips. I always settled with light colors!

Unknown said...

I love light colors in a room as it gives huge space. nice tips sis.

Nova said...

love it! in fact a good timing, since i'm still in the processing of innovating the new kitchen i have.

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