Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Organic Plant Food

Me and the kids pplanted some corn and lettuce yesterday at our  vegetable garden at the backyard.  My daughter was  disappointed that  the  green beans that we planted last week  was dug out by the birds.  We started  having a vegetable garden last year and we all love it because we can eat fresh  salad everyday.  We did not use any pesticides or  fertilizer to our garden so we know that  it's healthy and safe.   With  kids and pets around, the products of   Whitney Farms is what we might consider  using if  need arises.  They have organic soil and organic plant food that are 100% made from natural ingredients and no artificial additives whatsoever.  With 25 years of  providing gardening  expertise and products, they know exactly what gardeners need to have a good harvest without  harsh  ingredients on the plant foods that they use.   So if you want an organic plant food  for your  vegetable garden this year, you can try the Whitney Farms product and enjoy the $3 off coupon that you can get by visiting any of the links above.  Below is a photo of  me and my daughter when we  planted the beans, we have to  replace the seeds that was dug out by the birds.  I am glad that my children love gardening as much as I do.  This is one great bonding that we have at home during  warm days.  It is also a great way to  make them eat vegetable as they take pride of what they have planted and grow in the garden.

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Beth said...

Wow, I would love to have those seeds! I want to grow plants organically. Hmm. Maybe someday, when Fred and I already retired from work and just want to enjoy, relax and do some gardening beside the house, hahaha! That's too far to even think about. In God's time. :)

Irene said...

great bonding with the kids and also to introduce healthy lifestyle! =)

Unknown said...

there's a lot of focus on going organic with regards to food consumption.
it's great that you are starting to plant there on your yard and have the kids join too.

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