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The Best Family Summer Vacations in the USA

The best family summer vacation is often one that meets several different criteria. It must be fun, educational, adventurous and family-friendly. Admittedly, this is a tough list of requirements to meet in a single destination. Fortunately, we’ve done all the leg work for you to narrow the list to a few best destinations that are bound to create family memories that will last a lifetime.
Here are our four recommended family summer vacation destinations in the USA.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a gorge that runs for 277 miles and runs as deep as 6,000 feet in some places. The flow of water over millions of years cut out the shape of the gorge to what it is today. There are several vantage spots to get the best view of the Grand Canyon. But this is not all there is to do.
Don’t miss the opportunity for your child to become a Junior Ranger during their visit. Different Junior Ranger courses like the South Rim Junior Rangers and Phantom Rattler Junior Ranger give young kids a real sense of achievement. There’s plenty of trips down the river operated by several companies with plenty of experience creating water-based enjoyment as a family. For parents with older children, there is camping and hiking all around the area. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing and carry enough water and snacks. After all, Arizona is known as one of the warmest states.

Monterey, California

While Monterey lacks the beach life present in other parts of California’s famous coastline, it more than makes up for it with the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Whether being right up against the glass next to the sharks and sea turtles or watching the staff feed the penguins, this is one aquarium that’s up close and personal with its many fish and mammals. The Secret Lives of Seahorses is a fish tank that is also not to be missed. Outside, walk out on the deck to see if you can spot the many blue, humpback and gray whales that sometimes come close enough to the shore to be seen.
Monterey itself is an old sardine fishing town that now has a number of excellent seafood restaurants that are worth a visit. There are a few interesting stores dotted around that make for an interesting change of pace too.

Park City, Utah

Utah is very much a family destination and Park City is no exception. While the busy ski season sees an influx of visitors to hit the snowy peaks, the city stays busy through the summer months too. There are cultural places to visit like the collection of museums and art galleries, and the historic Main Street with its quaint fa├žade. Horse riding for kids and horse steering for the younger ones exposes the children to horses, stables and a different way of life. Mountain bike riding for the teenagers and steep hiking trails to challenge the young adults will surely keep them occupied.
A pleasant stay in Park City isn’t complete without an enjoyable place to call home. There are some excellent apartments and rooms available for rental. You can view rentals here to see what’s currently available.

Not every vacation is great for kids. The last thing you want as a parent is the kids getting bored; this only means trouble for everyone. Each of the above destinations provides enough varied entertainment to keep children of all ages happy.

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