Monday, June 20, 2016

The Essentials Of Taking The Whole Clan On A Road Vacation

We know that the thought of it might already be giving some of you stress. We love our families, but holidays together can be a whole cluster issues popping up. Taking the family out on a road vacation is no different. There are risks to your fun from the start to the finish. However, with a little prep work, you can make it a much more pleasant experience all round. Not that any trip with a big family is ever going to be completely free of hiccups. If you get rid of the big problems, however, the little stuff can make the trip.

Keeping everyone comfy
The first thing that can go wrong with a lot of long trips is the car ride itself. When it comes to a road trip, even family cars can be a bit of a cramped space for everyone to spend all that time in. Instead, you should get something that keeps everyone comfy. In a family sized RV, there’s a lot more space for the family to relax in their own spots. It also helps to be able to stop wherever you feel like and have all the comforts of a mobile home with you.

Plans for entertainment
We’re not going to start listing off places you should visit. No doubt, you already have plans for your own route and plenty of lively debates on which stops to hit up. Instead, we’re thinking about the entertainment factors you need on the road. Sure, people will need their own space to unwind and relax. However, you also want to make it a family vacation, which means involving the family in some games. I Spy isn’t going to keep anyone too entertained. Instead, think of long term games, like picking up the goofiest souvenirs from stops.

The gear you need
You can’t forget all the stuff you need to pack, as well. Maps, as well as a GPS, for a start. You don’t want to be without automated navigation, but you shouldn’t find yourself lost if your GPS starts to fail. You should always be prepared for the potential of the vehicle breaking down, as well. Have your jumper cables and safety equipment to keep your vehicle safe on the side of the road. Keep a fully charged cell phone switched off as well. Have a directory of mechanics for the areas you plan on visiting so you’re not stranded any longer than you need to be.

Give yourself a real trip to remember
It’s not just about the fun you have in the moment. It’s also about how you save and share the memories of the trip. It might be as simple as taking photos, like we did for our West Virginia drive. It might be collecting physical memories like the souvenirs from the game played with the family. Whatever way you choose to do it, focus on making those memories. Not only does it give you something to take home. It helps you more fully pay attention to the experience as it happens.

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