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Friday, January 9, 2015

LEGO Inspiration - Doodle4Google 2014

Inspired by one of the judges during the Doodle4Google, EJ started to love LEGO.  One of the judges in 2014 is Lee Magpili, he was born in the Philippines and is now livuing a dream  abroad doing what he loves to do  ever since he was a kid.  Below is his profile from the Doodle4Google page:

  Since 2010, Lee has been designing models for LEGO Education and has since been responsible for the overall play experience and models for the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Education Core Set released in August 2013. Lee has designed over 30 models for LEGO Education up to date and continues to innovate the future of learning with small plastic bricks and robotics. Previously, Lee has been a Robotics Instructor and FIRST LEGO League Coach for teams and programs throughout New York City and its surrounding suburbs. Driven with a passion for his medium, Lee builds amazing LEGO Creations inside and outside of work, as well as continues ties with Adult Fans of LEGO worldwide. He especially works with the Robotics Experts of the MINDSTORMS Community and helps spread the word of LEGO Robotics to the uninitiated. And, if you don’t find him with LEGO in his hand, you can find Lee traveling the world with a camera on his face and dancing shoes on his feet.

Mr. Magpili is a joy to talk to, very down to earth and he  really ignited a spark in my son's interest about LEGOs.  
EJ still savors the fun he had  when Lee  told him about his creations and let him  play with the small LEGO robots.
I am so glad that they  have this LEGO set up  at the "Crash Pad" lounge because that's where my son spent most of his time while we were there.  
 Mr. Magpili's associate was so nice too, she  interacted with the Burritos  during
 Sheraton hotel was a perfect place to  put all the participants in.  It has a great ambiance and  great amenities.
Doodle4Google this year will be in the Fall, so watch out for it.  You might never know when your luck strikes, your kids might be one of those lucky ones to participate in this prestigious event.  It was a great opportunity for my whole family to  explore outside our box.  It was my children and I's first time in California. 

13 travelers' comments:

MikiHope said...

Legos have been around for years and have always been loved by kids and their Dads (and some Mom's). So glad you were able to go there and had a great time.

Mhie said...

You're kids are so lucky to experience that kind of events. My family likes Legos.

AdinB said...

Oh my! What a great event that was. My kids are into LEGOs as well and I love that they do because it is a type of toy that ignites their creativity. I love watching them play together and build things. Legos are awesome! Thanks for sharing, mommy. I can tell you guys had fun.

Terri Ramsey Beavers said...

The LEGO set up is fantastic and it's where the kids would spend all of their time I'm sure. They all love LEGOS and would play with them day and night if we didn't make them go to school, lol. I really love toys that makes them use their imagination, there are so few that really do that these days.

Kristen said...

This would be a dream come true for any little boy- or girl for that matter. I love Legos, and I think that these events look awesome. ( in Des moines, i know they have lego classes for little kids)

Jennifer Juro said...

My kids are just now starting to get into Legos!! It is always fun to see what they make out of Legos, especially now that there are Lego friends for the girls!! This looks like a great event you guys got to go to!

Geanine Cilenti said...

MY kids would be lost in the Lego Section for certain. Playing with Legos is the absolute only thing that fully captures them and keeps them busy for hours on end.

Tami @ This Mom's Delight said...

I can not wait until my son is old enough (only two now) to visit. He loves the toddler size mega blocks. I know he'd love this once he got a little bit older. My eighteen year old might even like it.

Beth Williams said...

This seems like so much fun. My husband loves Legos, so he'd even enjoy acting like a kid again for this. I love that Legos are still popular even today!

Margarita Ibbott said...

What a wonderful day. It looks like your kids had a great time and really enjoyed themselves. I think my son would love to attend something like this . Do you think at 13 he's too old?

Lauren Harmon said...

Looks like such a fun day full of so much toy loving! I hope I can attend something like this in the future!

Jessica Kraft said...

This event looks like so much fun! Your son looks like he had a great time. I love how kids get so creative making all kinds of different things with legos. I know that when my son gets a little older, he's going to LOVE playing with them!

Cara (@stylishgeek) said...

Oh wow! I definitely will look out for this Doodle4Google event! Those Lego robots look exceptionally cool! So fantastic and inspirational what you can do with this toy!

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