Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

Our children woke up very early today.  They were so excited what "Santa" brought them for Christmas.  They were not disappointed to  find  Santa's presents   by the tree.  
 EJ got  the iPod he wished for and Rylie got a keyboard.
 Ms. Burrito also wanted a heated mattress pad so that's what we got her for Christmas.
 The little mister  also has some extra stuff from and us and from his siter.
 Big sister always makes personalized gifts using recyclable things at home.  She made him a storage for his Lego collection.  She also created a stuffed character caled JOE.
 Hubby and I received some cool  things from the kids.
 After the  opening of gifts and trying on some  new things, we visited  my FIL today.  He was feeling alright as opposed to last night.  We interviewed him about his service in the Navy.  We are submitting his story to the Military Patriots group that is writing a book about Veterans in  West Virginia and Ohio.
 We took the opportunity to  take family pictures with him.   Take one.. Dad wasn't smiling so there's take two, lol.
We're so blessed to have Dad in our lives.  He is a  happy camper and such a fighter.  At age 92, he still lives by himself at his own home.  Although we are concern about  him most of the times because he can barely see anymore but because he is used to his home, he knows where everything is so he functions really well living alone. I just feel bad that he  feels lonely most of the time when nobody visits so he drinks alcohol which I am concern about.

Our Christmas was great, how about you?

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cpsanti said...

OMG, anlaki na ng mga kids mo. Antagal ko na talagang hindi nakakadalaw! Happy New Year sa inyo!

aruba viajera said...

for sure, the kids are all happy with their presents..nice pixs and family!

Claire Rafols said...

Opening of Christmas presents are the most fun part when you have children, right?

MikiHope said...

That is a beautiful family picture--even the 1st one with the unsmiling Grandpa!! My Mom is also 92 and still lives alone in her own apartment. I live about 1/2 hour away so I can get there if something goes wrong! She keeps herself very busy by going to the senior center and playing Bridge and Mahjong. Is there anywhere your FIL can go to be with other people around his own age?

Mhie said...

That's so sweet for your kids. I like personalized gifts and for me its more precious.

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