Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Steps Visit

We brought our burritos to their doctor last  Tuesday because of their flu.  As usual the doctor isn't the one who looked at them but  a PA.  I hate to say this but we are no longer happy  of their services.  When you singed in, you will wait  to up to 30 minutes before your name gets called.  Then a nurse will check you, then wait again in a room, then a  PA student will  do the same, ask the same, and left then you have to wait again for the health provider.  Then the PA assistant will come, do the same and ask the same questions.  
The only consolation is that while waiting, I have time to take pictures of the kids to pass the time as they get bored so quickly.
We are now looking for another provider.  Maybe we could find  someone that actually care for their patients.  You know what I mean?  The only time we get to see the doctor was during our first visit and that was it.
Do you know what their diagnose is?  None, they just  gave the kids each a dose of motrin and that was it.  I am sure that the bill for the motrin will cost so much.    Our kids still coughs till now.
I hate to rant as I want my blog to have a positive   recording of our  activities but cases like this gets into my freaking nerves.  Oh well, it was our choice to  pick them and now we know we made a mistake and we are correcting it.  We will soon bid bye bye to this establishment.
Hugging each other while waiting for someone to see them.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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admin said...

hi, visiting.... :)

I feel the same way here in my side of the world... I went for a checkup for my little girl & a prenatal checkup for me and that was a wasted 5 hours of our time... no diagnosis as well... the only good thing is that insurance is paying for our visit....

hope you find a better establishment.... great photos of your kiddos btw.


The Write Girl said...

You have a beautiful family here...thanks so much for following my site dear. I understand your frustrations. It is so difficult to find a caring doctor that will actually listen to you and cater to your needs. I hope your family finds the right doctor. Take Care.

4 Lettre Words said...

I always love your sweet family photos! Sorry the doc visit was so frustrating.

Jeri ~ said...

Great pics - I can relate to the waiting - waiting - waiting to see a doctor! Thanks for the follow, I am following back!

Gen said...

Hmm karelate din ako grabe tagal ng waiting time...Happy SSS!

mine is here

Life Moto said...

glad they have a good health
have a nice weekend

Crafty Green Poet said...

hope you find a better doctor soon

Lulu said...

ay kaloka naman yan! I am glad that Andrea's pedia is always there. they are super nice pa if andrea is sick then she is not available pwede ko pa sya i pacheck sa ibang pedia doon sa clinic nila.

you need to find a new pedia na as in now na!

Laura said...

Your children are so adorable...even while sick they look joyful.

maryt/theteach said...

chubskulit, thanks for commenting at my blog. Love the shots of your sweet kids. Hope all the coughing will be overwith! :)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Rose,

I'm sorry the doctor visit was so frustrating, but you did get some great shadow shots on that trip to the doctor!

God bless your week, and I hope that everybody will be healthy this week.

Thanks for stopping by to say hi yesterday.


Patti said...

Sorry you had a bad experience. Don't worry, there are many caring doctors out there. You'll find the right one for your adorable kids.

Thanks for visiting me today!

Eden said...

Great photos, Rose! I hope you find a better doctor.

nuts said...

it's ok to rant. it will give you headache if you don't let it out hihi. you are positive blogger because you did not mention the establishment hehe..

Ms. Becky said...

your children are beautiful and seem to have quite a bit of spunk even when not feeling so great! I hope you're able to find a doctor that has that wonderful caring manner that they so deserve. have a beautiful week!

Author said...

Your children are so lovely!

Have you complained to the office manager? It would be worth letting the practice know that you're not happy with the wait time.

Thank you for commenting on my shadow shot from two weeks ago. I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply.

- Square Peg Guy.

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