Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good and Bad Habits

I missed a couple of Couple Corner topics already. Hay life is so busy these days.  The topic last week was about bad habits and this week  is good habits.
I will just combine the two and enumerate them below.


  • Hubby is a sweet and loving  son, husband, and Dad
  • Handles  children really good, he actually has a magic when it comes to kids hehehe
  • Very generous 
  • I am thrifty and a saver ( I consider that good.. don't you?)  Okay, that's about it.. Can't think of any hahaha, ang sama.

  • Hubby can be very judgmental at times and he is a spender hehehe
  • I have a temper... sometimes.. lol

Alrighty, that would be my share folks.  I gotta go to bed  because I am  floating  now.  I am mentally exhausted because of the  paid articles I wrote...

9 travelers' comments:

Chris said...

dropped by from couple's corner :) have a great day!

Rossel said...

Yes, saving is good Tokaya. Kamusta ka na? Sensya na ha, medyo matagal akong hindi nakadalaw dito. Masyado lang naging busy. Nga pala, I have something for you and the kids kaya lang bukas ko pa maihuhulog. Pasensya na ulit at nadelay ang gift ko. Habol pa naman sa Chinese New Year...ehehe.

Na-miss ko ang sites mo. Will visit you often. Mwaaah!

Here's my entry...

Dhemz said...

hhahaha...glad to know about you guys...lol!

opposite tau kasi magastos ako...lol! john and hubby are alike...prejudice din kasi tong asawa ko.

feRry jHoi ^.^ said...

My first time to be here at Couple's Corner!!!! ^_^

That's the tendency sometimes.. Dadies usually have a happy times in thier children (minsan nga hindi na napapansin ang mga wifey) nyahaha!!! but that would be fine!!!

Dropping here for Couple's Corner ^_^

nuts said...

dropped by here, nakikibasa lang hihi.. wala akong entry. :)

AC said...

hi ate rose! happy new year!!!
oks lang maging saver kase dba dapat counterpart kayo ni hubby? perfect match! =)

Mommy Liz said...

buti ka pa thrifty, inggit ako sau, hehehe. John and Rodney are the same when it comes to dealing with the kids. they're both great dads.

kimmyschemy said...

wow! buti ka pa thrifty, hehehe.. sana ako din..

kimmyschemy said...

it's so sad.. i hope things get better soon..

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