Monday, January 17, 2011

Freezing Fun

Ms. Burrito did not have classes last Wednesday so I took them out to play in the snow.  For them, it's like a normal day but for me, I feel like I was in the freezer lol.
To make my body warm, I started shoveling the snow at our back porch and  some at the backyard.  We  were gonna make a snow man but the snow then was not packable at all.

Since we did not able to make a snowman, we decided to make it a mountain and pretend like we  were hiking lol.
I sure froze my butt off but it was fun  especially seeing the burritos really happy.  We shoveled the snow at our drive way so that when Daddy arrives, there is no pile of snow there.
Ms. Burrito  got fevered the next day.  Glad that the meds took care of it.
Even our super hyper Champ had a lot of fun.  Believe it or not, while posting and looking at these photos, I am shaking lol.

It's 12:24 right now, so I gotta hit the bed now folks.  Will wake up early tomorrow to  cook some food for Mr. Burrito's birthday.  Thanks for  visiting and for leaving a comment or two.  Below is a parenting tip from

Parenting Tip of the Day
Sure, snowball fights are fun, but ice cubescavenger hunts and rounds of tic-tac-snow will keep children busy for hours. The nextsnow day, bundle up and head outdoors to play fun winter games with the kids!
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20 travelers' comments:

Pain SUX said...

Hi Rose,

Excellent photos!! I love playing in the snow with my kiddos, and even without them. I just built a snow man for them the other day while they were at school--something for them to come home to (a surprise...we still can't figure out who made it for us???? *wink, wink*)

I love your 'about me' section. You are so right we should never give up our dreams. I always remind my kids of that exact same thing. (I have five.) I, like you, am always trying to inspire others.


w0rkingAth0mE said...

ang saya ng bonding new sis ... happy bday to mr burritos

Mel Alarilla said...

Grabeng yelo sa front yard ninyo. Grabe siguro ang lamig. Tingnan ko lang yung litrato lalo na yung litrato ni EJ na kala mo me bigoteng yelo ay nangangatog na ako sa ginaw, brrrrrr, lol. Para kayong mga eskimo sa kapal nang suot ninyo. Pero bilib ako sa mga anak mo na enjoy na enjoy pa rin sa yelo. Pati si Champ ay mukhang enjoy sa cold weather. Ay naku, dito na lang ako sa Pinas na very warm and cozy and weather, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Clarissa said...

wwaaahhh!!sobrang dami ng snow nyo dyan,Ate Rose!!!brrrr!!bigla akong nilamig lol!dito naman wala pang snow pero di ako makaalis-alis sa tabi ng heater lol!

Unknown said...

Which part of the US you live? Just like in my home state in Connecticut, we get lotsa lotsa snow but it's great to be winter-free this time while I'm here in the Phils.

Junneth said...

Looking at your pictures alone make me shivers with coldness!But the fun is evident here Rose! Excellent day for everyone!

EnAirRaH said...

Ang saya, ako nga din nilalamig na sa snow dito sa Korea.

Unknown said...

Ako yata ang nanglalamig sa mga birrito mo bading, lumalangoy na sa yelo whahahaa. Kids really don;t mind the snow, they could stay ourside for half hour pa.

Shengkay said...


snow!!!!!!!..hmmm..kelan kaya ako makaka-experience nyan? (thinking)

anyways, Happy monday! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow ang snow! Cute photos!

Happy Monday! and Happy birthday to Mr. Burrito :D


kRiZcPEc said...

they had a great time. :)

Unknown said...

ay grabeng snow pala sa inyo Rose, pero ang gaganda ng kuha hehehe

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Awe! What a fun day playing in the snow. I would be outside with my little Harley and playing with him as well. hahahaha.... So exciting! Keep warm you guys!

Adin B

Unknown said...

looks so fun! ;) a tad of envy.. ;)
i enjoyed viewing your blog

Lulu Post said...

wow daming snow kakainggit hehehe

my entry:

Dhemz said...

sensya na sis at huling huli na ako sa pila...:)

ang saya-saya nyo....puting puti ang kapaligiran...ehehehe!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Yep, cold there, too!

I only enjoy it in little bits, too. I don't like being cold!

AC said...

wow!!! must be so cold! I can only sit in a snowy outdoor for a few minutes... hehe... and while we, grownups are freezing, the kids thought they're in a wonderland... =)
Here's my first Mommy and Me Monday entry... Hope you can drop by...

nuts said...

wow, ang kapal ng snow, sure malamig nga ahihi.. look at your buritos faces, pinkish talaga.. saya naman ng pic niyo. pwede mo ko hire to shoveled the snow..

Mommy Liz said...

ang daming snow ah, that's a good bonding time,. nilalamig naman ako sa picture nyo, hehehe!

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