Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

The Veteran's day will fall on Thursday this week so our little student will be off that day. To honor the veteran, the school handed students some stars where they can decorate and put the names of their family members or friends who have served the military.  Rylie submitted three stars, one for John, for Dad Jennings, and for his brother who died in Germany.  Serving the military is  in the blood of my husband's family I guess.  
For those who serve the country unselfishly, for those who contribute their lives just to defend the country, and for everybody who serve in order for us to have freedom.  My family salutes you and pray for you!  Thank you for your services.

Parenting Tip of the Day
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nuts said...

and the veterans deserve more for the services they gave unselfishly!

Unknown said...

those brave soldiers who wanted nothing but freedom and the willingness to fight for their country, HONOR, is what they deserve.

so thoughtful of rylie:)

kim said...

cheers for their health!

JEANNE said...

I love this. I too will be honoring those who serve our country on Thursday. They are the true patriots.
Hugs, Jeanne

Mel Alarilla said...

At an early age, Rylie has begun to appreciate the sacrifices and services rendered by our veterans for their country so that we can enjoy the freedom we are enjoying right now. That your husband's family have three members that served the military is a testament for their extreme love of your country. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Unknown said...

waaaa si ex-kano ko ay retired military man sad to...waaaaaaa

btw..imo dalagang gamay talented ug dedicated student jud sya...oi bisaya yan ha? hehehe

Dhemz said...

wow! ang galing naman....:) full salute to John and to your FIL sis....:)

woi sensya na madalang lang ang spirit ko sa blog bzhan na kasi ako...started packing yesterday...little by little lang naman...ehehee!

musta na sis? ala naba trangkaso mo?

salamat pala sa email..ehhehee...nakakatuwa naman yung idea mo...ang kaso nga lang...ala kaming!

yon palang B&W sis...pede naman gawin yon sa photobucket...or sa picasa.

baka may B&W na setting sa cam mo..ano ba gamit mong cam? at anong model...baka meron yan..kasi most digicams nowadays may mga B&W setting na.

salamat po sa walang sawang visit at comments...bukas na ako mag blog hop...mwah!

Verna Luga said...

Tubig din Rose... wow nice workssheets paano naman yung mga pinoy veterans... hahaha...

Unknown said...

hi, rose. my nostagia entry was up already...i have some errands to do baka gabihin na uwi:))) kya i posted it na.

mind to link me up as soon u posted urs.


Yami said...

So creative ni Rylie, sis. :)

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