Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Story Time with Mrs. Claus

Suzanne's Hallmark Shop in Weirton sponsored a story time with Mrs. Claus for the kids.  Our  burritos love stories so we brought them there last Sunday.
There's not much kids who attended so Mrs. Claus   interacted with each kids who were there.
My son was so into it.  It's funny that he kept asking Mrs. Claus, "Please read it again!" after each story lol.
Each attendees have the chance to win a "Jingle the Husky Pup", the big stuffed toy you see below.  We enetered their names and our telephone number so just in case they win in the drawing, they can contact us.
There's a lot of neat Christmas decor at Hallmark but  the prices are.. Oh my.  lol!
Each of the kids got a candy  cane treat after the story ended.
They also received a free ornament.  
Thanks to St. Joseph for spreading  out the info, we wouldn't know this if it wasn't for the school.  The kids had so much fun.  I was going to buy us a family souvenir but  the daughter wasn't available.  I did bought something for a friend though.  Thanks for dropping by folks and for leaving your thoughts.

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eden said...

Hi Rose!

Love to see the kids enjoying the story time and those are lovely treats for them.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Liz said...

Mukhang enjoy sila makinig.

Happy RT!

My RUBY links:
Moms... Check Nyo

Marites said...

it's not often that there's a Mrs. Claus. Quite interesting! have a good week!

Lifestyle & Homemaking - Kat said...

wow! ang ganda! buhay na buhay. Parang gusto kong pumasok dyan, kakatuwa si EJ haha nagrerequst ha? hehe.

sana may ganyan dito hehehe

agi ko rose

Happy RT nga pala, nyahaha

Auntie E said...

Oh to be read to by Mrs Clause. I miss Mom, She was Mrs Clause. Looks like the kids are having a fun time.
My Ruby post."Christmas Town"

Mel_Cole said...

Hi Rose, I wasn't feeling good these days. Mahilo ako if I stay long in the computer. But I still want to get back coz I don't want to miss any visits. Miss you too. Nice to see the kids are having fun reading story telling time with Mrs. Clause.

My Ruby Tuesday post

Mel Alarilla said...

It's great that your kids were able to attend a story telling session with Mrs. Claus at Hallmarks. It was indeed a different experience for both of them. Kids love to hear stories especially when narrated by Mrs. Claus, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

anne said...

And the kids listened very very carefully.Mine is up and its here thanks http://www.terryannemary.com/2010/12/ruby-tuesday-31-at-entertainment-area.html

genny said...

nicely done shoots, wish to meet mrs. claus one day.lol Happy RT.

carinamodella said...

Nice bonding with Mrs. Claus! I never think of that...most people are more hooked to Santa Claus during christmas.

JEANNE said...

I love your post about Mrs. Claus. so sweet and a nice event for Hallmark to provide. I know the children loved their time with Mrs.Claus and the stories. Your pics are adorable.
Hugs, Jeanne

Dhemz said...

ayay! ang galing naman....mukhang nag enjoy ang mga burritos mo badingding....:) paskong pasko na talaga ano...kaso ako ala pang christmas tree...ehehhee!

thanks for sharing all the pics...love them!

will try to visit bukas...gotta hit the hay na ako...mwah!

lina@women's perspectives said...

Very kind Mrs. Claus :)
Love seeing your photos, Rose...

Unknown said...

wow thats really nice and its not crowded din.

Lulu said...

nice activity... sana meron malapit sa amin na ganito

nuts said...

awww, attentive sila talaga.. ;)

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Awww a sweet place for kids. :)

Chris said...

wow! this is fun!

by the way, sorry for not being able to regularly join nostalgia.. but i am back this week!

my post is up at http://www.themiscme.info/nostalgia-my-favorite-month/

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