Friday, September 25, 2015

July 4th Parade 2015

This is one of those very late post that I was't able to post right  away because you know, life gets in the way kind of thing.  We went downtown and watch the parade.  We stood in front of St. Paul church
 While waiting for the parade to reach our  spot, we took some photos of us.
 My son found this  ice cubes very neat.
 Our kids are almost the same height now.  I guess 18 months is not that big of a gap.    I think that our son will surpass his sister's size and height becase he eats more than his sister does and he is more active than her.
 It's nice to see that some people  express their  love for the country doing different things, some express it through fashion.
   I love how in-sync these flag bearers were.
 The first choice America Bank always hasa big stand. They give out free drinks, candies, and bags.
 Our sweet tooth has two agenda, to shake the sheriff's hand and collect more candies, lol.
 The new  mayor was riding i a car.    I miss the former mayor who walks during parades and shake hands with people and talk to them.    He was such a nice Mayor
 Everybody is different, my husband said.
 This Nasa float is cute.
 Ronald McDonald was fun to watch
 My husband love seeing old folks sports their old cars.
 This guy was rocking it with his patriotic  outfit.
 We loved these old military vehicles.
 There were school bands.
 This superstar came by our spot an  greeted us.       The owner said that he love ladies attention.
 It's nice to see Fr. Tony led the Pro-Life.  He was also pushing a wheelchair ofa disabled  person that was  holding the sign.

 Here's some more intersting  floats.
 There was also a band playing music.
 I love these horses!
 We ended up our day by grabbing some yummy bites at Wendy'.

 We don't usually attend community events but once in a while we try to.

6 travelers' comments:

Ralph said...

A small town parade is always such a fun thing, the variety of cars, walkers, horses and Jeeps always make for fun shadows and sights...

abrianna said...

I too enjoy seeing old cars and their drivers.

genie said...

Rose...I have missed you these past months and all of your HAPPY pictures. Your always put a smile on my face. Your blog today is so full of color, people, family, and exudes happiness from start to finish. It is good to be back. Happy week ahead.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Wow! A lot of things going on at that parade!

Beach & Broom in 6 Words & Shadows

Claire Justine said...

I would love to see this parade, lovely pictures :)

Dhemz said...

oh, how fun!

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