Thursday, December 18, 2014

Speed World at Jolly Roger, Maryland

After  a couple of days of Ocean adventure, hubby and I knew that the kids  need something to do rather than    exploring the ocean.  So we took them at the nearby amusement park, Jolly Roger.  With 50 years of family fun, they sure have so many things to do that the whole family would enjoy.  Our last day was spent at Speedworld where you can  immerse yourselves in the world of racing! As soon as you step into the  Grand Entrance building, you can immediately transport yourself into a world of speed and excitement.
The attraction at Speedworld includes  Gran Prix, Family Lemans, Stockart, Figure 8, Family, Slide 4-5,  Kiddie,  Power Wheels, Kiddie Gran Prix, Super Raceway,  and Formula One.  We only did  four or five of them until our time was up.  Every card has two hours.  
 I wasn't really planning to  ride but some of it requires a parent and since my son is riding with my husband, I had to ride with  our daughter hehehe.
 It's a great bonding for  the boys.  My husband  taught our son how to  drive the car safely without bumping to others car or  drivong off to the  race way.
 Miss Independent is fearless.  I am glad that she is not like me who is scared of driving lol.  But then again, it could be sary  that she doesn't have that fear.
 I like it when I am not riding because I get to take pictures of them.

Of these two,  Rylie is more courageous when it comes to speed.  EJ is  so reserved and doesn't have that confidence yet.
 We encouraged him to drive alone on this one though.  At first he did not want to but  since  his sister was enthusiastic in  driving, he was  encouraged to try.
 He did not like it that he is a bit short and could not fully see.
 The only downside on that day was the weather.  IT was so hot that  we were sweating and we bought so many cups of lemonade from the concession stand inside the speedworl.  Other than that, we had so much fun! Shadow Shots

8 travelers' comments:

Gemma Wiseman said...

Wow. Brightly coloured little speed wheels. A great experience for the children.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Merry Christmas Rose-to you and your family!

Eileen said...

Beautiful family you have there, sis Rose! I would love to ride go carts again. Sadly, the track here in Quezon City was converted into a business district. Oh well... Merry Christmas to you and your family!

MikiHope said...

That does sound like a lot of fun--essentially it reminds me of bumper cars but not quite. I used to like them! Your son will get over his fears soon enough--and I'm sure your husband will encourage him!!

Marie said...

Wow! Everyone is having fun, you on the other hand Ate, is having fun taking pictures of them. Ang fearless naman ni baby girl <3

Jessica Cassidy said...

My family tried this last year and we had a blast. It looks fun Sis R. It looked like the kids had amazing time as well.

Nova said...

this is indeed a fun getaway to visit along with your in anyway indeed

Raquel said...

That looks so fun! I want to try that out with the kids. Rylie seems to be having the time in the pictures.

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