Monday, August 30, 2010

Excellent First Week of School

Rylie had an excellent first week of school. She seemed to enjoy it a lot. She doesn't mind waking up early. I mind because I wake up at 5 am to prepare her breakfast and lunch hehehe. I am getting used to it now though. Of all the kids in her class, she is the smallest lol.

This is the official first day of school. We encouraged her to use uniform even though they are not required. Her and her classmates wear uniforms on Mondays and Thursdays.

Her choice for her school things is Tinkerbell theme. We bought her a backpack for her size and a lunch bag.
Then we had to replace her backpack because the notebook and folders doesn't fit into the small one.

The school is just a ten-minute walk from our home so we are walking her down there every day and fetch her in the afternoon. I have to wake her up at 6 am so she could eat her breakfast (it takes 20-30 minutes for her to eat wahhh). We usually out the door at 7:15.

Yesterday it was foggy when we walked out the door. She wanted to go early so she could be the first one there. We left at 7 am lol. We beat the teacher from arriving in the classroom. She was shocked when we were there already when she arrived. She told me that Rylie don't need to be there till 7:30 hehehe.

She did great on her first week. It's nice to see the papers that she did the whole week with "great job" remarks from her teacher. They also used traffic lights for their behavior every day. Green means Good Job, Yellow - Caution, and Red for time out. She got green the whole week!

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☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Wow, what a smart pretty girl, like i said may pinagmanahan bading. Make mommy and daddy proud Rye.

Eliz Frank said...

Congratulations Rylie on your first day of school!
You took lots of great pictures of the first day.She will have lots of memories for the future.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am following you and look forward to reading more.
Have a great weekend!

Eliz Frank said...

Hope you got my message... The last one disappeared. I am following you!

David said...

good job rye!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Very memorable nga yung first week of school ni Rylie. Natutuwa naman ako sa iyong magaama habang papunta sila sa school ni Rylie. Hawak hawak ni John yung envelop ni Rylie na akala mo si John ang papasok sa school, lol. At is EJ ay mukhang mas excited pa sa ate niya sa pagpasok nito sa school. I notice a great change in the countenance of Rylie. Nawala na yung baby looks at baby fat sa kanya. She looks a lot slimmer and more matured now, talagang isang growing girl na at hindi na baby, lol. Welcome to the club. Ever since my wife went to the States, papel ko nang gumising nang sobrang aga para iprepare ang mga kailangan nang mga anak ko. I wake up at 2 am, say my morning prayers and meditation on the word of God then proceed to my blogging activities. Then I wake up my youngest at 5:30 am, my youngest son at 6 am and after I help my youngest dress up, I continue my blogging until 8 am when I go to the market to buy food and groceries. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

Colette S said...

This is our second week!

I'm glad she is enjoying her school.

Uniforms required here and it does make things easier.

And I wake at 5:30am too! lol for good breakfast and all that. It's a whole new change for me.

I had the same problems with the backpack...the adorable skip hop one we liked was too small for the folder for school, so I had to go get a different one!

Yes it does take awhile for them to eat. hahah. And we leave at 7:20am :)

So glad things are going great with your sweetie. Great job to her!

Love the photos. She is lovely.

Lea said...

Great job! :) how old is Rylie by d way? she is so lovely everytime i drop here for dropping ec and adgitizing I cannot resist to glance her fo a while...Wow, naman gusto kong ganyan malapit lng ang school..What school is she attending now? tc and God bless

Arlene said...

Wow Rylie is in school na! Di mo lang yan ma pansin mag highschool na rin. =)

She is so cute in her school uniform. Very beautiful.

Thanks for playing along this week, Rose!

Jenn said...

I remember the time my sister was still in high school, I had to wake up at 4am so I can prepare her packed lunch by 5am. :)

And it's good to be in Kindergarten... you will just write your name and it'll be okay. :)

Kudos to Rylie!

I also have posted my OWM entry.. you can check it HERE.

nuts said...

wow! wow! wow! and i have to replay it over and over again! clap! clap! clap! what a smart girl!!

you are doing a great job mommy rose! wow.. naiimagine ko yung excitement.. nakaka-inspire ang family mo.. wow, sarap maging mommy no.
congrats rylie for excellent week! just enjoy everyday and every moment of your school!

mama mia said...

grabe sis! looking at our rylie & reading about her now, i'm now excited also for my maia. although matagal-tagal pa siya mag-school!

i showed my hubby your blog. cute na cute din siya kay rylie. eto kasi, super hands-on din sa maia ko eh. u have a cute family & a cute blog daw. o di ba?!

siya, di nakita guluhin. Godspeed!

xinex said...

What a cutie Rylie is! Love her voice, she can keep the tune even in falsetto. I can still remember when my kids went to school for the first time but it's been eons ago...Christine

Mhar's Display said...

Oh, school girl na si Rylie :)
Proud mommy ka mare huh?


Julie said...

She is a gorgeous little model in your photographs. I hope she continues getting the green light.

Liz said...

Ang cute nila!

Happy MYM!

Liz @ MLC

kat said...

go go go rylie...hahaha..ang galing naman ng anak mo Rose...lalong gumanda si Rylie hehe

anne said...

So smart I love her video and keep up the green color rylie

Kim, USA said...

Oh my Mommy Rose, I feel like I am so excited for you. This is another chapter of your life to wake up early for the little kids. Rylie does look good in her school uniform and she did a good job!! The video is so cute love it!
Something red, yellow & blue

Mommy Liz said...

Wow naman talaga. Can't wait din kapag si Wrozlie na ang pumasok. Si Rylie ba ang pinaka maliit? hehehe.. baka mana sau. Ang smart talaga ni Princess mo, green all week. Si Roan eh first week pa lang tinawagan na ako ng teacher gawa ng makulit, hehehe..

Dhemz said...

awwwwwwwwwwww..sensya na po manang ko...huling huli ako sa pila gosh! she has gotten so big now that she's going to school...great job Rye for doing an excellent job...wohooo! way to go....:)

may future singer kana pala sis....:)

Marice said...

congrats to you and Rye sis! she's indeed growing up smart :)

Ebie said...

What a smart kid! Rylie is so cute in her "A-line" uniform. She knows how to pose too!

Keep up the green lights Rylie! Go,go!

Clarissa said...

Way to go,Rylie!!!Gosh,parang she's grown bigger na naman!

Mel_Cole said...

Oh what fun! Naiyak tuloy ako while she's singing God bless America tas may action pa. Wow, good job Miss Rylie! Keep it up and be good always in school!

Jhari said...

Ang saya naman... super aga nyo umalis mommy rose. Ganda ng morning kasi foggy, hehehe! Sarap.

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