Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Virus Attacked my PC - ANTIVIR the big culprit

Hey pals, it is now 2:31 as of this writing and I am still up. I just got done fixing the virus that attacked my computer. I couldn't do a thing a while ago because the ANTIVIR spyware/virus has sneaked out into my computer's system and was overriding all the applications.

I was so devastated when we got home and couldn't open or operate my PC right. I promised myself that I won't sleep until this thing got fixed, so hoooray.

So what is Antivir? According to Spyware Remove Website spywareremove.com:

Antivir is a rogue anti-spyware program from the same family of rogues as Alpha Antivirus, Windows Protection Suite and Malware Catcher 2009. These rogue anti-spyware applications are all useless software and not security programs.

Antivir sneaks inside your system with the help of Trojans who operate stealthily to catch the user unaware. Users who visit corrupt websites or use video codec upgrades to watch movies or videos online may also be prone to an Antivir invasion. Once installed, Antivir will reboot the system and then run a system scan. The results of the scan are typically fake and will be used to scare PC users to visit a corrupt website promoting Antivir.

Antivir will also flood the infected computer with annoying pop-ups and notifications stating the importance of purchasing a licence. These actions are all part of devious plan to steal money and privacy. Do not be fooled by Antivir's trickery and have the parasite removed immediately.

That is exactly what happen to me when the pop up kept bugging me, a window will open up telling me to purchase the full version of antivir to get rid of the virus, which in fact they are the virus. Pretty clever isn't it?

So what I did was, downloaded the SpyHunter 4, scan my PC, which took me almost an hour, then fix the threat after that. After the scan, there were 333 malware and cookies that was affecting my PC so I removed them. Among the maliscious spyware, cookies, malware that were found are the ones listed below.

  1. Rogue.Antivir Solution Pro
  2. Whazit
  3. 207
  4. ad.yieldmanager.com
  5. adbrite
  6. admarketplace
  7. adserver
  8. advert
  9. adware (mywebsearch.com)
  10. Atlas DMT
  11. Atwoola
  12. AZoggleAds
  13. Bravenet
  14. Cazale Media
  15. CoreMetrics
  16. DoubleClick
  17. fastclick
  18. iWon
  19. LinkSynergy
  20. Pointroll
  21. Question Market
  22. ProMarket
  23. Qsrv
  24. Serving-sy
  25. Statcounter
  26. tirbalfusion
  27. websearch
  28. mywebsearch
  29. zedo.com
If you want to know how to uninstall Antivir, visit spywareremove.com/removeAntivir.html.

I haven't heard most of those above mentioned cookies and spywares except the Bravenet (which is just a tracking cookie from my bravejournal blog). Oh I don't even have an adbrite ads so I don't know why it's my PC wahhh. The stat counter, I have in my blog, so I will delete it tomorrow. I remember downloading mywebsearch so I uninstalled it already. So watch out for those stuff guys, it might be in your system and starting to crawl in your applications.

One more thing, I uninstalled Goggle Chrome because it is very prone to virus attack. We love using it because it stores information but it is also its huge weakness. I am now using Mozilla Firefox.

Alright, I better end this up before I collapse here. Pardon me if I wasn't able to reciprocate your visits today, ANTIVIR is to blame for it. But thank you so much for your contious visits. Goodnight.

9 travelers' comments:

Chie Wilks said...

that is why i hate trojan so much,...it attacked my computer too and it caused a lot of headache..i ended up replacing my old motherboard into a new one

anne said...

good thing you have knowledge to get rid of those virus girl. So i shall say welcome back

Lulu Post said...

ouchy! i hate virus!

Mama Hen said...

That really stinks Rose! Sorry you had to deal with that! I hope you have a good day! Get some rest if you can!

Mama Hen

Mel Alarilla said...

Thank you so much for this most valuable information. I really don't know how to erase virus in our computer. I just let my techie son remove them all by reformating our pc. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you all always.

Clarissa said...

gees,ang hirap pag nagkaka-virus ang pc natin(T_T)glad that you kick 'em away in your system.

Evan's Mom said...

Ouch I hate when that happens. Good thing you know how solve it!

Beware of ad.yieldmanager.com, they are nasty! Got attacked by them several years back. They're part of Yahoo btw, so you might get them while opening Y! mail or YM.

I use FF too and add No Script plugin to block those bad sites. We really need to keep our browser safe :)

kimmy said...

thank you so much for such an informative post!

Dhemz said...

oh my...back to firefox! hehehhe.....I like firefox better than any other browser sis.....I hate virus....kakainis...ehehhe!

musta ang weekend nyo sis? sensya na ha at ngayon lang me nag blog hop....ladybug attacked me kasi...hehehhe! wla na akong sipon...sore throat nalang...waaa....:(

a quick dalaw here....punta muna ako sa ibang bloggies mo....I still have some unpacking to do...tulong...ehhehehe!

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