Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sandbox Bliss

What's in the sand that makes every child go gaga?
Little princess has been asking,
Can you please buy us some bags of sand?
I want a princess one
the one that is color pink.

Mommy said "Okay, if you guys behave good"
They behaved so good
Princess asked again "Can we buy sand now"
Mommy said "One more day of behaving good and will get it.
Rylie said "But Mom, you said..."
Mommy gave up. So Daddy and princess went to the store
Did not find pink one so they bought the regular one.

They are having so much fun.
The little boy is so rough sometimes
Ate Rylie couldn't build a sand castle
The little boy love to tear it down

She even made a birthday sand-cake for Mommy!
Thank you so much!

Their skin are so dark now because they would just play and play in there everyday.
Finally when the brother was taking a nap, she was able to make whatever she wants to build in there. Thank you Mommy for making him nap, it's better when I am alone.

Have a lovely weekend folks, thanks for dropping by and for leaving your trail.

20 travelers' comments:

nuts said...

about to sleep na and saw this in my reader. and i can't let my google reader scroll down without clicking your sandbliss post.. katuwa naman mga kids mo. love the conversation overheard in the post.. nagiging creative sila while playing. i remember when i was a kid, ganito din laro namin, oops teka, not this pink or gray sand, kundi yung lupa o mud na ginagawa namin puto at hinuhulma namin sa bao ng niyog sabay gamit ang elbow..haha..
goodnight na, hihi. love to see your little girl's smile.. i can see how proud she is sa accomplishment niya building something out of the sand.

Dhemz said...

awwwww...ang cute nang dalawa mong burritos badingding....:)

birthday pala ni Mae ngayon right? ehhehe....na alala ko kasi sya when I saw rye's smile...kasi magkamukhang magkamukha sila ni Rye...ehehehe!

a quick dalaw here sis...getting ready to leave...punta kami sa BX...mwah!

More Than Words said...

They are so cute! Kids just love sandboxes, don't they?

anney said...

Naalala ko nung mga bata pa kami dahil di pa uso ang sementadong daan at puro lupa talaga matatapakan mo, hilig namin maglaro ng lupa. yun ang pinaka sand namin. hehehe!

mizztraveller said...

happy weekend to you too .
Enjoy ur weekend with ur famliy :)

JP said...

Hope they had a great time...Yes, Kids love to play in sand all the time.

Verna Luga said...

Rose, quick drop here... cute children ..... Salamat din sa dalaw...

Mel Alarilla said...

Kids really love to play in the sand. Rylie really behaved so good that her mommy and daddy were forced to buy them a sand box, lol. Wouldn't it be cheaper had you brought them along in the sea so that all of you could have enjoyed the genuine amenities of the sea and not just a few sand in a sandbox? Well kids are appreciative even of the substitute of the real thing, hehehe, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Unknown said...

Wow ready na mga junakis for sumemr bading ahh. buti kayo my sand, but jake and justine are not ready for that, kakainin lahat ang sand siguro hehe

Reader Wil said...

What a lovely story about your sweet Princess and her little brother! Have a great day!

Inday said...

First, thank you for the pop up window ....

It is so amusing how children remember our promise. Set one condition and stick by it. No more ifs, no more buts.

Your kids are so cute. You do look a fun loving parents. Keep it up and just enjoy each moment with them. They never stay children. One day, they'll grow up and you'll miss that.

Now my girl has a baby on her own and she doesn't want her to grow because she wanted to play with her baby. Oh well ....

Willa said...

My boys especially Kendrick loves to play in the sand as well. Ganyan yata mga bata sa US, mga dirt deprived, lol!

DeniseinVA said...

You have adorable children and I enjoyed your post very much.

Cecile said...

kids love sandbox....they can play there for hours and never get tired...love all the pix, Rose; thanks for sharing :-)

Ebie said...

Yes, a promise is a promise, and kids do not forget!

They look so adorable playing outdoors....

ruthi said...

Your kids are so cute. Kids are really crazy about sandboxes. Much I hate it because I hate cleaning up but when you hear their laughter or see their smiling eyes... it's priceless.

AC said...

waaah!!! ang saya pag may garden... enjoy na enjoy ang mga chikitings! kakatuwa naman... at talagang better ang alone dba ate? haha!!! so sweet of her to have made that lovely cake for you ate rose... Happy Happy Birthday!!! Here's Mine

Euroangel said...

cute lil kids..i guess nakakatuwa sila sa kanilang kakulitan...thanks for the visit!

btw...yup got lot of blogs to keep me busy...besides i love blogging for antyhing..kung hindi tinatamad...and yes still got other blogs..here
Travel the World
Health and Nutrition
Nature's Beauty

meron pang iba sis..next time..ingat always and happy blogging!

Clarissa said...

My kids loves to play with the sand,too lalo na nungnasabukid pa kami.They have their own sandbox there to play around.So cute nilang dalawa playing kahit na minsan eh nagkukulitan lol!

Happy Tuesday,Ate Rose!!^_^

Dhemz said...

andito me ulit sis...nakikidaan lang...trying to blog hop before I get disconnected...ehehehe!

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