Thursday, August 27, 2015

Indian Echo Caverns - Part3

As I have mentioned on part  2 of our cavern adventure, here are some of the  photos  of what you can see  inside the Indian Echo Caverns.  According to our tour guide, the Caverns were first opened to the general public in 1929, when Mr. John Bieber opened the doors to the caverns. 
 Mr. Bieber realized that many people wishing to visit the caverns might be put off by the treacherous, uneven terrain that nature created. Bieber undertook a massive commercialization process, in which all of the pathways in the caverns were made safe for travel, as well as opening up many rooms closed off because of huge mineral deposits.
 The caverns were a natural Mecca of the region, attracting thousands of visitors in its first years. However, sadly, the caverns fell upon hard times during the Great Depression, and Mr. Bieber lost ownership to the bank. 
 All was not lost, for in 1942, Mr. Edward S. Swartz, a Hershey native purchased the caverns. Today, the ownership of the caverns still remain in his family, with hundreds of thousands of visitors walking the paths of the Susquehannocks each year.
 If I were to get lost there, U would be scared especially if the  lights are off  because it  would be a total darkness inside and cold too!
 It's amazing how this natural beauty  could  make your  imagination travel to a different  time and place.  
 Seeing all of these beautiful formation  inspired my daughter to dream of becoming a geologist.
 The tour guide was very pleased when we told him about what  our daughter said and what she think she should do when she grows up.
 There are so many things that tour guide have told us including make up stories of the  different shapes of the stalactites and stalagmites
More photos to come  in the next series of photos.  Thanks for reading and for leaving your thoughts.

4 travelers' comments:

Elizabeth O. said...

That's really amazing. I love touring caves, they are so serene and majestic, plus you'll never know what you'll find inside!

Nova said...

Like you guys, we've also been into that place and enjoy the amazing place and all those natural things inside the cave. One thing I like the most is the story about what's in that cave.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

This is something we haven't done yet as a family. That must be fun!

JOJO VITO said...

Oh,this must be a beautiful cave....but I know that its difficult to get photographs of the cave...

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