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My two pregnancies were very different. The only the same characteristics that I had with those pregnancies were the difficulty during the first trim, where I had a very rough conception. Hubby and I waited for over a year before I got pregnant with Rylie, it was a long awaited moment. We were hoping that I could get pregnant sooner but I guess the distance and the anxiety really affected my ability to get regnant.

We were civilly wed for 1 year and 2 months and we decided to have a second wedding in church. I think that was a great blessing because I got pregnant after our church wedding even if my husband only stayed for a week then. I was visiting my Mom's place the day that I was suppose to check if I will have my monthly period or not. I kinda hoped and prepared for it, so before I went to Mama's place I bought me a pregnancy test.

I was only delayed for a day and I was really praying not to have Ms. Red and God really heard my prayer. When I checked, I saw two red lines on the P-test and I did not sleep at all that night. I waited till I could call my husband who was in Guam then and tell him the good news.

When I gave birth to Rylie, my OB GYN asked me if I wanted some birth control pills and I said no. Although hubby and I really planned to just have one child, I did not want to take any birth control pills. I am so grateful to God that He gave us another bundle of joy. Rylie was only nine months when I got pregnant again with EJ, it was tough and I wasn't really excited when I first learned that I was pregnant again. Now I know why God gave me another one, to make our lives fully complete with a girl and a boy. But yeah, both of them gave me a very rough conception.

Parenting Tip of the Day
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Morning sickness is no fun but it’s a sign that your body is working for this pregnancy, so that should make the nausea and vomiting a little more bearable, right? Eat small meals and snacks through the day to keep sickness at bay, even if eating is the last thing on your mind. And be sure to stay hydrated!

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Clarissa said...

Pregnancies pala ang topic ngayon sa CC--medyo sensitive pa ako sa topic na yan...

Ang ganda mong magbuntis,Ate Rose--buti hinde ka lomobo ng malaki?Ako naman umabot ng 62 kilos weight ko(T_T)

Rossel said...

God gave you another wonderful blessing, Tokaya. your two bundles of joy made your rough conceptions worth it.

Rossel said...

btw, i love your new layout. maganda, ang lamig sa mata.

anne said...

someone also told me that just after you wake up in the morning, eat crackers. mine is up girl and here it is thanks

Mommy Liz said...

Bagong bihis ang site mo, I love it..

Kahit pa rough and pregnancies, we still love to be pregnant di ba? Miss ko na nga rin magbuntis, pero nag stop na ako sa 4 kids, ang pag aalaga kasi ang mahirap eh. I am so glad that you were blessed with 2 beautiful children. Sila na lang ang ating kayamanan.

Lady Patchy said...

buti ka pa boy and girl .kami 5 boys lahat ,no girl.

Dhemz said...

thanks for sharing gosh, ang hirap siguro magbuntis pag ala si hubby mo...buti at nakayanan mo sis ano.....God is really good talaga....:) you guys are blessed with 2 adorable angels....:)

my gosh, kami ni goryo....been like 4 years now ala pa kaming nabuo na ka playmate ni!

daan me dito sis...mwah!

Mel Alarilla said...

No pregnancy is easy. All pregnancies are difficult and put a lot of strain on the mother. But after giving birth, the mother is the most beautiful and wonderful creature on earth because she took part with God in the procreation of a human being. Such is the joy of motherhood where every molecule of the body is excited in giving birth to a new creature on earth. Blessed ka talaga ni Lord for giving you both Rylie and EJ. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

Unknown said...

Magkasunod na magkasunod pala sis cla ha. God is good that He has given you two beautiful children.

Happy Mother's Day sis.

More Than Words said...

What a blessing that you got pregnant right away!! My two oldest are really close to (10 1/2 mos.), but not as close as yours!!

Unknown said...

taba mo pla nag jujuntis badingding kaya pala ayaw mo ng sundan hehehehe. joke lang bakla. ganda pa rin kahit juntis, I just love the feeling of juntis, pero pag aalaga ng maraming makukulit, grrrr i don't know if kakayanin ng powers ko.

btw, badingding, wen mag start ang meme mo?

nuts said...

pregnancies are such a blessings..look at your two beautiful adorable!

Lulu said...

i never had any problems when i got pregnant.. even pagluwal no sweat talaga... kaso andrea was preemie and has to stay in NICU for almost 2 months... yon ang mahirap

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