Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Painting the Fence.. a family thing.

I was touched when our lady neighbor told me that it's so precious and cute that we let the kids paint with us. She said "Painting, as a family thing is so cute and precious." As much as possible, we let the kids participate to whatever we do so that a family value of togetherness and bonding would instill in their young hearts and mind.

But anyhow, this is the second to the last part episodes of our fence project. I was wearing that hat because it was getting hot outside but my son wanted it so I gave it to him. We kept teasing him about it lol.
Do you see Champ's nose? He wanted to help us too.

That's the solid stain we used for the outside part. It looks like a paint but it's not, it's a stain.
Here's the paint team. I love our children's enthusiasm in helping us for everything that we do. Although it makes the job longer but its fun having them as our helper.

It was hot that day so we brought some bottled water outside. Our young man has to have a drink every so often.
All of us has each a hat but EJ did not want to wear his. He is wearing his Dad's hat now lol.
So guys, if you have some painting job, you may hire us hahaha.
"It's a family thing".
EJ can work hard as long as he can have some cookies during break time lol.
so after the painting job was done, we gave the kids some treats for their hard work. A milkshake and a happy meal from Donald (that's how EJ call Mcdo lol).

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Cecile said...

great family bonding indeed....nice choice of color, Rose...i so love seeing your family work together :-)

happy weekend, Rose and family!

Lady Patchy said...

happy family. looks like kids are having fun.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

awww! This is precious! My kids are in the teens, and they are too busy sometimes for family time...miss these days - keep them treasured :)

Ralph said...

The fence is of good quality. For the kids, they enjoy this activity. So much fun they don't realize a couple of things:

1) As they get older, performing chores will not bother them
2) Taking care of things so they last (as you are doing by staining your fence) is learned too

They earned their trip to 'Donald!

Sylvia K said...

Such a lovely family you have! And it is marvelous to encourage them to help with projects like your fence! We did that with our kids as well. And, yes, they definitely earned their trip to 'Donald! Love all your beautiful family shadows! Enjoy your weekend!


Mel Alarilla said...

It's simply amazing what your family has done. Your finished fence will become a monument to the labor of love of the Cottrill family. That you were able to include even your kids in this family event is simply amazing and beyond words. The Lord bless you more for the exemplary work you have done in your neighborhood. I know your neighbors and all who know you are all so proud of what you have done, except probably the thieves in your FIL's house, lol. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

Wendy said...

This is the best way to make your family soooo close! And to train your children to be good workers! Wonderful pictures--I loved them. I like your sweetness, your love for your children, and your way of writing, Rose.
Have a great weekend!
Faith's Firm Foundation
Oh, I also wish you would teach me how to do the "cup of coffee" and other symbols!

Unknown said...

Well done, doing things around the house as a family is a great way to set values for you children.

I love your photos, and if you want to come on down to New Zealand I'm sure we can find a fence or two for you to paint.

nuts said...

wow, wow, wow.. great job! not only for the family team but raising your kids this way! whenever i see EJ and Rylie smiles, di ko mapigilan mapa-smile din.. grabe ka-cute naman mga kids.. di ako magsawa tingnan lalo na si EJ in hat and cute smile.. kakagigil.. sarap ng smile..sarap ng family bonding niyo, sarap panooring photos niyo.

Unknown said...

Painting is so much fun specially for the kids. It seems they are enjoying.

Btw sis, thanks so much for dropping by my blog and helping me gathering the info about my site which was reported as attack site. I am so glad it is now solved.

Happy weekend and God Bless!

Hey Harriet said...

What a great fence painting team you make! Lovely photos of all your hard work. I bet the kids enjoyed their treats from 'Donalds' hehe :)

Birgitta said...

Wonderful family photos!


Unknown said...

Great job! - all in the family work for even the little ones:)Nice pics.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

i enjoyed the pics as always.. naiinspire mo ko talaga when it comes to family bonding. I so much agree na mas maganda laging may participation mga kids natin in almost everything we do as a family =) have a nice week ahead =) mwah

Sarah said...

What fun for everyone and you get the job done quicker too! I like the look of break time!

Eden said...

Nice ng fence colour. Great to see the kids are enjoying it so much. EJ is so serious looking working his part..hehehe..Working together as a family is a great bonding. And I can see lots of shadows too. Love EJ's red hat.

Reanaclaire said...

wow.. how touching.. such a nice family bonding.. great helpers they are!

Inday said...

Thanks for the Pop Up Window, now I can post comment in yours.

Yes, it is great to get the kids involved. Gives them a feeling of importance.

Teamwork is the key!

Kim, USA said...

That is so cool mommy rose, ang ganda talaga nang family bonding ninyo, very rare talaga. Happy Sunday!

The barn

Mia Dela Cruz-Soriano said...

so cute naman! i shall apply this to my daughter. thanks so much for the inspiration :)

anne said...

Your family is obviously quiet so busy this weekend. Your kids are both so lovely rose.

Dhemz said...

awwwwwwwwwww......a family that paints together stays together...lol...ehhehehe!

bilib talaga ako sa parenting ninyo bakla...saludo ako sa inyo ni john...we too...we let akesha involve in many activities...it is a way for our kids to learn and be responsible.....:)

grab ko tong mga links nyo bakla later...will add it on my wordpress blog....sige, blog hop muna si lola...mwah!

Ebie said...

Good team work, and a solid training ground for kids at an early age.

Nice choice of paint color.

Sassy Mom said...

Your family is so cute indeed doing that painting job.

It's great to involve kids in activities like that... Kudos to you!

Wengss said...

oi tagal ko na di naka visit dito. kasi the last time I was here sinimulan palang yong pag pifence nyo ngayon tapos na pala.

Ewan ko tinamad na yata ako sa pag bablog hehe. I am busy thinking of many other things, kaya hayan tuloy parang wala ng gana hehe.

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