Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Lifetime Inspiration

Do you believe if I say that what inspires me to strive hard before was the poverty that we were experiencing then? Yes, it was! As I was growing up, I have seen how my parents struggled to send us to school because both of them did not have a permanent job. My father used to be a farmer when we were still living in his hometown, but due to some accident, we were forced to vacate to my mother's place. Living there was very hard because my father did not have any idea on how to be a fisherman.

To make the long story short, when I was graduating from elementary, I asked them if they can send me to high school but Mama said they can't afford it because I still have siblings that they are sending to school. Seeing how we were then, I told myself that I won't let poverty hinder my chance of having a good job someday. With faith, a little courage, and lots of perseverance I managed to send myself to High school until I graduated. I worked for a family as a maid in exchange of having a place to live for free.

After HS graduation, I worked as a saleslady in one distributor in Camsur for about 5 years while saving some of my salary and at the same time helping my family with my very little income. I enrolled to college even though most of the people around me did not believe in me. God is great, He made way to get me into scholarship in the college as a student assistant, that is how I was able to graduate from College.

Poverty is never a hindrance to reach your ambitions in life. One must see it as a stepping stone or a challenge on how you will beat it. I do believe in the saying "Do your best and God will do the rest". This is my official entry to the Inspirational Insights contest:

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Mel_Cole said...

I am so touched by your life story chubs, it made me cry ;) Yes, it is indeed true that poverty is never a hindrance to ones ambitions in life. Good for you because you are a hardworking student and your determination is really strong to pursue education and learn a career. My life story is a little bit complicated from that. I'm quite shy to share it in the blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love that "Do your best, God will do the rest!" I'm gonna have to snag that saying.

sexyjessie said...

You trusted and God made a way for you, didn't He?

You saved and studied hard and now you had achieved what are today.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Lady Patchy said...

indeed an very inspirational insight.you are good example of a poor lass who made a dream come true.

Mel said...

what a beautiful story, you are such and inspiration.

Chris said...

your post is really inspirational!

btw, you are qualified! :)

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