Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sweet Gestures

Yesterday was a "not-so-good" day for me. I had such a bad migraine the whole day that I neglected to read the kids their afternoon Bible season with me. But despite my nasty migraine, I did some laundry and wrote some tasks online but wasn't able to bloghop and do my usual posting for Wednesday's meme.

Then last night, both hubby and I couldn't sleep for some reason. We both kept tossin 'n turnin and I think we wee able to fall asleep by 4 am but by then I was so tired that I had a nightmare that made me scream wahhh. It's trash day today so we both woke up early so I could take the dogs out while he put the trash out. Now he went back to bed but I decided to write my entry for Couple's Corner. After this, I'll go back to bed myself lol.

Okay sorry folks if my mind is wandering somewhere and not focusing on the topic which is the Sweet Gesture. Between the two of us, John is the most expressive one. Nagmamanhid manhiran ako minsan hahaha.

He always thinks of us, what we want and what can make us happy. Here are some instances;
  • When driving, he always puts his right arm in front of me on sudden halt of the car, I always think that its so sweet and caring.
  • He cooks for us when he sees that I am not in the mood to cook or if nakasimangot ako lol (Pls check the link of his new dish for us, matutuwa yun hehehe).
  • When he goes to the store, he always look for whatever can make us smile. Like the other day, he went to the store and saw some mangoes that resembles our mango in the Philippines and he bought us some even the price is a little higher for me but the though is so sweet (not the mango though lol)
  • He always massages my head when my migrain attacks (the photos below was taken by our aspiring photographer hehehe)

Ako minsan lang ako maging sweet lol. Di kasi ako showy kay hubster kaya pero paminsan minsan super sweet din lol. Hala sige mga kabayan, gising na ang aking bunso, I won't be able to go back to bed now hahaha. Gotta cook some breakfast na lang before the hubs goes to school. Thanks for commenting and for visiting!

11 travelers' comments:

Yami said...

Wow sis ang sweet at sarap ng masahe ni hubster mo. Bakit di ka naman malambing, pakipot ka sis noh. hehehe

mukhang matamis naman yung mangga ha. dami niyan ngayon dito sa Pinas season eh. :)

Uy re result ng test ni John, mabuti at maganda ang resulta ng test niya. hindi lang talaga maiwasan sa ating mga babae ang mag-alala. ganyan din ako sa pangga ko.

salamat sa dalaw sis ha, busy rin ako sa bahay kaya konti lang kaung mga friends ang nabibisita ko. :)

Mommy Liz said...

Buti ako at bihira ng umatake migraine ko, but when it does, nasusuka ako sa sakit, at talagang di ko maikilos ang ulo ko, hayz..

anyways, minsan ang pagmamanhid mahiran eh ok din, hehehe..lalo kung si hubster mo na ang tatayo at gagawa, ahahaha.. Between sa amin ni Rodney, siya ang mas sweet, meron siyang ways na minsan na aamaze talaga ako, kahit super simpleng bagay lang, but I think he's so sweet. Di ko lang maisip kung in what way, pero he maeks me feel very special. Kahit mahal din ang food, basta alam nyang gusto ko, binibili nya.

Andrea said...

I hope today is a better day...NO migraines!
Blessings and prayers,

Marice said...

how sweeet naman!migraine is no good!

Clarissa said...

Ako rin ayoko ng migraine!hope you're feeling okay na..

Super sweet naman pala ni Sir John sa yo!In his own very special way,he's showing that he cares for you.

palagi kaming nasa labas ng bahay with the kids kasi bakasyon pa.I miss my regular blog hopping!!I can't even update my own site lol!
Take a rest para gumaling kaagad migraine mo!^_^

A.M.I.N.A said...

Wow!Swerte mo Rose, sweet ng hubby mo.Looking at your pics made me miss my hubby more. :( Done adding your blog too.Take care....

Unknown said...

Super bait naman ng mga banana ninyo. Keep the love goin bakla para matapos war sa mundo hehe

Dhemz said...

awwwwwwww...ang sweet nyong mag!

we have similarities with our jowas bakla...except pagdating sa! d kasi ako nasasarapan sa luto nya...kaya ayaw nang! he only cooks rice.....waaaaa....:)
inaatake ka pala ng migraine sis..ala naba? ako naman ito may bukol's underneath my eye shadow....

nuts said...

how are you feeling today? naku, musta check up.. ou need to pay attention sa migraine, mahirap sa pakiramdam and sometimes it leads to a severe headache..

ang sweet nyo naman, hehe..inggit ako..

Mel Alarilla said...

I'm sorry to hear that you got a nasty migraine. I will pray that your migraine will be permanently healed and will not recur. By the stripes of Jesus you are healed. You are indeed blessed to have a husband like John who is very caring and attentive to your needs including your kids. Ulirang ama at asawa si John. He is a lot better than some Filipinos that are that are swell heads or bums. Mabait at ulirang asawa ka rin kaya binigyan ka ni Lord nang isang ulirang kabiyak. Siyempre lalaki ang inyong mga anak na uliran din, lol. Have you referred your migraine to a doctor? You can't be too sure you know. Before, I thought that I was suffering from migraine too but it turned out I was just hypertensive and the doctor gave me the necessary medicines. Please take care of yourself for your family. Hindi sila kumpleto kung wala ka. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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