Monday, March 8, 2010

Romantic Road Trip

When my husband and I flew to Baltimore last month, I find it really romantic having an alone time together without the kids. It is not that I don't want to be with my children, it's just that sometimes, its really good to have a quality time with your spouse. While my husband was driving the vehicle going home, I felt like I was in a romantic road trip with him.

It gave us time to reminisce the precious moments when him and I were newlyweds. I felt like I was riding in one of those having a romantic conversation with my husband. I even took the picture of us holding hands together as a remembrance. Do I sound like a hopeless romantic now? I am sure that some of you will laugh at me but it's true, it made me feel so blessed that hubby and I had some alone time together, which was really great!

But at the same time I felt guilty leaving my kids that long. My youngest son still experiences separation anxiety so every time he doesn't see me, he would cry and cry. When I called them on the phone, my daughter said that EJ cried when he woke up. He was looking for me.

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