Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fun with the Bales of Hay

Here's the continuation of our fun adventures at the Windsheimer's Dairy Farm.  After we explored the   older cows on the  other barn, we  then went to the  other barn on the other side of the hill.  The Windsheimers  rode the quad and we followed them.
 In this barn is where the baby cows are.
 This barn is where  the kids had so much fun.
 They get to  touch and interact with the calves.
 Here's Abby', introducing Rylie to the one-day old calf.
 Abby asked Rylie to name the baby cow so she named her Ivy.
 After they  were done playing with the baby cows, they clibed onto these bales of hay and had fun.
 My kids really had a taste of how  farm life is,  even just for a short period of time.  I think that my kids would strive really well in a farm life.
They are nature-lover kids and  they both  love animals.
 They were sure right at home in the Windsheimer's  farm.
 I love  this old house near the  barn.  Our friend said that it is their grandma's house.
 Look at these silly faces lol.
We went there at 6 pm  and stayed for about  an hour or so.  The kids still wants to stay but since they have  school the next day and  the farm  owners  still has things to do, we kind of forced them to part ways.  We would definitely love to come again next time.

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jo said...

Again, what a lovely experience. I bet they had so much fun. Btw, is this the same place where they were able to see or experience the cow-thingy? :)

Nichole Arnold said...

Ohhh the baby calves are so cute! I would love to play in all that hay! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Nova said...

very nice old place yet very amazing to see the other places in the barn.

Danielle Harper said...

I just love baby animals. We used to raise pygmy goats and it was so fun every spring to see the little ones running all around the yard.

Unknown said...

The calves are so cute!!!!! This looks like such a fun adventure!

Marie Clara said...

What a beautiful place to visit. I've always wanted to visit a dairy farm or a barn for that matter. What an experience would it be for me! :)

Everyone looks like they all had a blast.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Your kids surely enjoy their short but meaningful trip to the farm! I can only imagine how hard it was for them to leave those cute baby cows. I'd love for my son to have that kind of experience, too.

Diane said...

Wonderful trip and love that old house. Diane

Dhemz said...

what a fun adventure!

Unknown said...

Wow, so cool - I want to experience to go in a farm like that too!

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