Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Dentures

My kids and I had our second dental appointments last February 24 for our fillings. I also had the fitting for my new top denture. It will cost me 350 bucks so I have to work double hehehe. Anyone who wants to give me an online job? To have both top and bottom, I have a co-payment of 700. I only ordered the top one first since I have to budget our money.

The reason I want my old one replaced is that it is the one I have when I was still in the philippines where it has a metal ring on it and it is already causing damage to my real teeth. The new one is like a flexible one and does nothave a metal ring.

Anyhow, here is Rylie having a filling on one of her damaged tooth. We had a little problem with EJ because he did not want to do anything with the dentist this time. She managed to put the filling but now it is ruined because EJ wouldn't let her do it the right way.

Here's the photo that Rylie took when I was having my filling. Me and her are tandem when it comes to taking photos hehehe.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Andrea said...

WOW....I had to have my bridge put back in last week. It had come out.
Blessings, andrea

Betty said...

Visiting from FF!!
Have a Happy Friday!
I am now following!

Nicole Bouchard Boles said...

Stopped by from Friday Follow - and I'm so glad I found you! Now following so I don't miss anything!
Please follow me at

Kristy K said...

Yikes! I hate the dentist!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I'm following you too!

shydub said...

Yay, mahal naman. Buti ka pa bakla and ibaba nlng kulang hehe.

Carolina Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. the cost of dental is crazy, I don't even want to tell you what it has cost me. Crazy! Have a great weekend.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Yes! The flexible base is so much more comfortable and less damaging than the metal based ones. The dentist that I work for only does the flexible base.

I have photos of our girls at a dental hygiene appt...and here they are now both in dental school :o) The older daughter graduates this May and our other daughter has two more years.
And they inspired me to get my dental hygiene license :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

nuts said...

ang cute ng tandem.. mom is a blogger and so is Rylie.. Blessings will come sis..

The Twitterer said...

are these also the ones they refer as rubberized? they are comfortable to wear and so light you'll even forget that you're wearing dentures.

Mel Alarilla said...

Kailangan mo na ngang palitan yung dentures mo na mula pa sa Pinas. Too bad that you can only afford the top denture and could not have both dentures fixed for lack of available funds. Hayaan mo, kapag tumama ako sa loto dito ay padalhan kita agad nang funds para sa ngipin mo, lol. Ang ganda nga nang interaction ninyo ni Rylie, hindi lang sa pag alternate sa iyo sa pagkuha nang litrato kung hindi sa lahat nang bagay. Ikaw siguro ang idol niya at tinutularan sa lahat nang bagay kaya naman nagiging maganda ang pagmo mold nang characters at values niya. Kailangan kay EJ ay lots of understanding at tenderness kasi very sensitive boy siya. Medyo opposite siya ni Rye. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

Ebie said...

I am so glad all my dental work is done, except for the regular prophylaxis! I know it is so expensive and just glad we have dental coverage at work.

Wow@ Rylie is an aspiring photographer!

Dhemz said...

yay! wakas graduate na ako sa mga ngipin kung may butas...ehehehe!

but I need to have a bridge on my missing year nalang kasi inubos namin yung insurance for this year sa!

oh my...nagka filling na si rye? aga naman least dito sa US maagapan agad no...unlike satin sa pinas.

Anonymous said...

Technology there is really different.. And kinda expensive. Do dentists there agree to payment in terms?

Good thing I still have my own set. My dad had dentures as a young man so he so paranoid over ours. Parang every 3 months nasa dentist kami.:)

SASSY MOM said...

Incredible how kids nowadays are so brave...

My dentist has also done a lot with my teeth.. have a great week ahead!

<a href=">Pixelbug Weekend</a>

Kero said...


we'll be at a the dentist's office in June for my son't first check-up =)

Kero said...

oopps my PBW entry is here

anne said...

i hate dentist pero noticed ko lang girl ha? if you have your teeth touch like pabunot or pasta or braces mangangayayat ka talaga..uhmm good for diet? lol here my pbweekend thanks

Lulu Post said...

whewww dental is very expensive here. I remember when I had my crown done in just one tooth my co-pay was almost 300... gee imagine just one tooth!

momgen said...

Wow how brave she is i am a little scared when my dentist patch one of my tooth....My first entry in PBW!

Mine first entry is here

Marice said...

nice naman! brave brave ni Rylie :)

u may view mine here

Chris said...

its good that rylie is brave :D visiting from PBW :)

acmumcee said...

aww... I'm not a big fan of dentists... LOL!!! Haven't tried Alyssa bringing into one too, but I hope she'll be braver than mommy.. haha!!!

My PBW is at Happy Home Working

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