Saturday, October 11, 2014

Windsheimer's Dairy Farm

One of our daughter's classmate, Abby, lives in a farm.  Her parents owns a Dairy farm out in  Burgettstown Pa.  We were all excited when they invited us to come over and see how the milk processing is being done, how to feed the cows and a lot of things that's going on in a Dairy Farm.  
 Just driving to their farm was already a treat since the view are gorgeous.
 The beauty of Fall is already visible  on the trees so  it was a fun a drive.
 We headed straight to the barn where they were waiting for us.
 Our first stop was to see how the milking process is being done.
 Here's Melissa and Ben showing the kids how the milk is being  taken from the cows through the use of the machine.
 They even let the kids  insert their thumb through the tubes  to feel how the milk gets suck down by the machine, it was pretty neat!
 This cow was not feeling good so she was resting.  Her legs were a little swolen or something.
 It's amazing o watch the cows fall in line and advanced through the line every time they hear the sound.
 My son loves milk so he  had his first real encounter with the individuals that produces them.
 After we saw  the milking process, we then tour some part of the  barn.  Melissa and Ben explained to us how every cow is being  monitored in the computer room.  Each cow has  something  where they can see if they are in heat.  It's amazing to learn how  the process is being done.
 Then the kids hopped on the tractor while watching the cows eat.
 Their dog Oreo is so sweet!
 My son was very interested  in the quad lol.

The view from their farm was breathtaking.  It's really beautiful out there.  I'll continue the last part of our cow-tale adventure next time.  My migraine is killing me right now.

18 travelers' comments:

Nova said...

I've only seen this on tv and i believe that learning and being there to witness how a dairy farm cooperates is just a great experience with kids and us too.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful experience to be invited by your daughter's friend's family to visit their farm. It a unique and personalized educational tour for your family.

Terno kayo ng daughter mo. Love both your boots and hats! In fact, when I saw her, she reminded me immediately of the girl in Toy Story even though different color/design. Sorry I forgot her name though, yung parang partner ni Woody.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I've never been to a dairy farm in person. It must've been a nice experience

Dave, Amy and Jace said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun! Your kids looked like they really enjoyed it!

Nichole Arnold said...

What a great experience! I have never seen this in person but would love to.

jo said...

What a lovely thing to experience. I, at my age haven't experienced milking cows. :D It'll be an amazing adventure to be there and let my daughter see it for real!

Nova said...

A good experience for the kids and adults to see exactly how a dairy farm works as well as gaining that knowledge you guys can share to those who haven't been in a dairy farm.

Tingting Blogs said...

A treat indeed! You are very lucky to see the cows being milked. I always wonder on how it is done.

Danielle Harper said...

Such a great learning experience for your kiddos! I'd love to take my littles to a dairy farm so they can see where their milk comes from.

Marie Clara said...

Wow! That was surely a fun experience for everyone! I, myself would enjoy the drive going to the dairy farm... the view is so gorgeous! :)

mail4rosey said...

It does look like a fun day. How cool of the parents to let the kids come out to see it! I hope your migraine clears out soon, those are no fun.

Eileen said...

I love the way you let them learn things by experiencing it, not just by reading or watching how it is made.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

That must have been fun! I'd love to experience being in a dairy farm, too!

Unknown said...

Your drive there looked beautiful and I am sure that visiting the farm was a fun and educational experience for your kids!

Melissa said...

What a neat experience! And even better to get to learn it all from friends & not just some place you went to.

Anna said...

This is a great experience for the kids, a very educuational one!

Traveling Morion said...

wow! That's totally cool and great experience. would love to visit and tour a farm too

Jessica Cassidy said...

What a beautiful and fun time with the family Sis. You are rocking that outfit :-) My family loves to visit the farm too and learn more about animals. My hubby used to have that kind of ATV where the handsome Burrito is driving :-)

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