Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Expensive Champ

We visited Dad last Saturday and Sunday and he was pretty happy. I took Champ outside just so he can do his business and he love sticking his head on the snow.
John said that Champ is getting expensive because he forgot to put him back to our bedroom before he left to school yesterday and Champ chew on the audio cable on our computer.
So now we have to buy that cable to make the audio work again wahhh, he is getting pretty expensive, not to mention that he is due for his Vet visit this Friday. That is going to be a 60 dollars visit for sure, Oh boy Champ is an added expense to us lol.
Also, john bought us two electric heater because it is very cold in here and electric is a little bit cheaper than gas. The problem is that, it has a three prong plug so he had to buy it. He also found LMTIP-S and other stuff in store for his up coming project.

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Andrea said...

Our animals are costly, but they are worth every bit of it..the unconditional love they give us is worth it all.
Blessings, andrea

xinex said...

Sorry for all those added expense. Champ is so cute with his head in the snow...Christine

A.Marie said...

Aren't Jack Russell Terrier's the BEST! I love the picture of Champ with his head in the snow...cute! :)

I know how much they like to chew; our Sheba has chewed my shoes but luckily, no cords or cables yet.

Clarissa said...

Ok lang yan,kaya nyo naman ang expenses ni Champ otherwise,di nyo cya bibilhin di bah?^_^

Hugs to the kids!!

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, maintaining a pup is quite expensive because of the things he will inadvertently destroy because of his playfulness and his expensive shots and dog food. But all these are covered over by the sheer happiness he brings to your family especially for the kids. As you say, he is almost like a member of the family. You will have your ups and downs on him as we have our ups and downs with our kids. But in the final analysis we never count the cost but the sheer joy and happiness they bring to our lives. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Unknown said...

Sinabi mo pa bading, hig maintenance yata ang pet. sge lang basta happy mga chikiting mo kakayanin ni mommy at daddy

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