Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Eldest Sibs

Here are our eldest siblings.

Crystal is John's eldest siblings and only sister. We called her Chris. Chris and I shared the same month on birthdays (June). She is in her late fifty's, she is older than my mother. I remember one time when she accompanied me to Rylie's Pedia, the doctor asked if she is my mother-in-law which I felt very bad.

Chris is sort of a Jack of all trades. She is a nurse, a carpenter, a painter, a tailor, gardener, a builder, landscaper, a great cook, and a lot more. She loves animals, she has a cat, 6 dogs then (only three now), a lizard, fishes, birds. She is a purpose driven person, when she put her mind to it, she would really do it. Just like when she built her swimming pool at the back of her house. I wouldn't dare doing it lol but she did. She had a son (deceased) and a daughter. Her daughter Jen was close to my age so when I first came to the States, we clicked right away, thanks Jen.

Here are the photos we took when I introduced John to our relatives in Ligao, Albay. My late brother lived there when he got married until my father died and I asked him to move to my mother's house.I bought this carabao for my brother because he used to be a caretaker of a rice field in Ligao and he needed it to plow the field. When they moved to Donsol, he let his father-in-law took care of the carabao. After a year, my brother decided to sell it in order that he can buy a motorcycle which is against his father-in-law's will. To make the story short, he bought that motorcycle and eventually cost his life.

He is survived by his wife and three daughters Honey Roseanne (11), Rhia Mae (9), and Briel (5 months). I hope and pray that my husband and I would be able to financially support them. Whew, life is so tough!

My brother was my confidante. He taught me a lot of things when we were growing up. Sure we had arguments but he and I were very close. He even knew things about me that my own father did not. I would forever be grateful that I had a loving brother like you manoy. I love you and may you rest in peace with the Lord.

Sorry guys, I am tearful here.

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bambie said...

im sorry... you know what, mahilig din sa bike ang hubby ko since bata pa sya, pero dami din sya friends na nawala dahil sa bike. Nweis, with your brother, you still have lots of good memories to keep him alive (atleast in your thoughts) MAy he have rest in eternal peace

shydub said...

Ang ganda nman ni tsang rose, nakasakay sa kalabaw, so yan pala ang nakita ni EJ at Rylie kaya gusto rin sumakay sa kalabaw. Parang si jerico at Kristin hermosa ahh nung sila pa hehehehe. pretty sissy rin, so dalawa lng sila john makapatid? hindi tulad sa atin ano, pangmaramihan para masaya lol. Added na rin ito sa blogroll ko tsang, cge bye!

Seiko said...

Sorry to hear about your brother & your sister in law's son.
Bilib ako sa SIL mo Mommy Rose,all around sya.Thanks for the visit nga pala & I like the way you're calling me ate hehe feel ko.HAve a Blessed Tuesday!:)Hugs!

nuts said...

i knew what it feels like losing someone you dearly loved. you have a real good heart.. you look perfect together in that photo.

Dhemz said...

oh my..she built that pool by herself? gosh....hehehe..she's a handywoman...she's a nurse too....very impressive!

wow sis, grabi nka 4 kapa while nakasakay sa kalabaw...hehehe...mukhang baby pa ata yung kalabaw ah....bait mo naman can afford to buy a carabao...:)

nako very risky talaga ang motorcycle sis, lalo na sa rough parents have 2 motorcycles, and I know how dangerous it is kasi I got injured when I was a kid, and still have my scars on my leg.

imelda said...

laughed too when i saw u sitting like that on the carabao. im sorry but i understand u cant avoid but cry when u remember ur bro. it will be like that till u get over with it sis.

JP said...

Great...especially the one in which you are sitting on the carabao.

Clarissa said...

Sorry to hear about your loved-ones loss...May your brother rest in peace,Ate Rose.I know it's still hard to believe about his loss,but he will always be there for you..God bless you and your family..

eden said...

I missed riding a carabao. the last time I rode it with my sister but we fall down to the ground few moments the carabao took walks. that was so funny and can't forget that happening.

I know it is so sad having loss someone we love and i hope you get over with it as time goes by.

have a nice day

Reader Wil said...

I am so sorry to hear about your btother's death. I am sorry for his wife and young children. I wish you all the love and strength you need to cope with this loss.

Unknown said...

I realize that your life may lack finances and certain material luxuries..but what you have that many do not my dear girl is the life of simplicity. Your in touch with real people, real hearts and a real meaning of the word life.

That is what this world needs to survive its downfall today.
So worry not and please appreciate that you are much better off than most.

Some will never know or understand a true value of life!

Workplace on the web said...

Hello Mare, visit here today.
You are introducing your family to the world. That is nice.

Take care,

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