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Monday, July 17, 2017

Camping in the Backyard

As part of our daughter's birthday celebration , we   did a camping  in the backyard.  We haven't gone to a real camp site yet but  for now, camping in the backyard is a lot of fun.  Maybe when they are old enough, we can  go to a real camping ground.  The moon  on that night was so bright, it was perfect for a camp out in the backyard.  This is one of the many reasons why I wanted a  fenced in backyard because we can do  whatever without the neighbor seeing what we are doing.  
We also roasted some marshmallows and  hotdog at a made-up fire pit.  Having a fire pit in the backyard is  another project we will be working on in the future.  for now, using the  stump of the  crab apple tree that we took down is good enough.
The smoke from the fire  drove away the mosquitoes which is advantageous to my kids because they are both allergic to  mosquito bites.  Even with anti-mosquito lotion and ointment, they still get bites once in a while so the smoke totally eliminates that.
Even our fur babies are ready to camp out!
I remember when we camped in the backyard, our dog Bolt was still a pup and he was little then.
It was chilly that night so  having four bodies in a small space was  great, it kept us all warm.
It was hard falling asleep and getting comfortable but the kids seemed to have fallen asleep with no problem.  They woke up so late  the next morning.  If it wasn't going to rain that day, we could have left the tent there for a couple of days but we decided to take it down the next day because when it rains, our  backyard get all the water from the hill.  .
It was fun, we all had a great time and we will definitely do it again, probably next year.  

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