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Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend at Gables Care Center

After attending the Sunday mass last weekend, we went to Gables Care Center in Hopedale Ohio to visit my father-in-law.  It was  our first visit   since he transferred there  few  weeks ago as we  did not know about it.  The last  info that we knew was  that, he was coming back to the old place where he was  in  after he  was  brought to the hospital but when we visited there, we were  informed that he no longer stayed at the said facility.  
Anyway, the place is  30 minutes away from our place but we were excited to see him.  The kids misses their Pap and it was a needed  bond they need  with their grandpa.
Gables Care Center is a well-maintained facility for old folks.  You can tell that they  really  care for all their  clients there unlike the first place that Dad lived into.  I am glad that he was  transferred here.  They seemed to really take care of everyone that comes to this place.
After getting the information about Dad, we found him setting by the grand piano at the other side of the building.  He was talking to my brother-in-law Rick who was also visiting that day.
While my husband was talking to  his brother, the kids entertained their grandpa by playing some tunes on the piano.
It is so nice that they have piano there.  It gives visitors the chance to  play  some music for their love ones.  One of the couples visiting one of the residents, thanked my kids for playing as their Mom really enjoyed it.
If we could have known that there is a piano there,  the kids could have brought their [piano books.  They only have a few memorized  so that's what they played.  They do plan to bring their  books  on our next visit.  My daughter said that if Papa  will stay there for long that she would really love to learn how to play violin and entertained  Dad with it too.  Having said that, I am looking at the best yamaha violin at selection and the  cheapest price I can find is $699, oh boy!

 You can  hear one of the ladies  in the audience was  encouraging  EJ who is  very shy.   She was kind of  giving EJ a hard time, joking with him so he would play  but she was very nice.
It is a  relief  knowing that  Dad is well taken care of at this new place.  I think that Dad was  was not treated well at the  first  place  that's why he was retaliating to the  employees.  When he was taken out from that place, he had bruises on his  arms.
My husband does not really express what he feels sometimes but as his wife, I know deep inside that  it hurts  him seeing  Dad  this way.  Her could no longer  remember who we qwere unless we  introduce ourselves everytime.
The kids  played some board games  after they played the piano.
I was listening to  Dad talking to John and he told him that his wife (who is deceased for over a decade) was looking for John.  "Your Mom was wondering why you haven't come here yet", he told my husband.
I  told my husband that maybe, his Mom visited  his Dad there and was talking to him.
We noticed that Dad was getting tired so we  got ready to leave.  We took  our photos together before   heading out.
Before we left, one of the nurses  there  showed us a picture of Dad and a woman attending a prom.  I guess they  have an activity like a prom  at the said  facility every once in a while.  It was really nice to see how Dad is enjoying his  stay there and that the nurses there really do care.  I wish I could have asked her to send me thepicture, Dad really looked nice with his date!   It makes us  not to worry about him too much.  

7 travelers' comments:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this post. I am one of the owners of Gables Care Center and am so pleased to hear about your experience. It is a tribute the staff and leadership at Gables Care Center and we really appreciate all they do for residents and families.

Sarah Manning

Melisa Sanchez said...

Aw, but your father in-law sis looks healthy pa naman. This is a beautiful place... your children looks so lovely and how nice that they we're able to entertain their grand father through playing piano.

Jessica Cassidy said...

If your FIL Sis is being taken care here at the facility I work, definitely will visit him and talk to him. Your Fil is very lucky that you and your family visited him. Some of the residents at work, I did not noticed any visitors at all. I have to make sure that I visited them and talk to them for few minutes. If I am assigned cleaning at their room, I will cheer them up. My new Bff at work is 95 yeas old Ms. R. I love her so very much.

Teresa Martinez said...

It's a good thing that your father-in-law is in a better facility now. Hoping the best for all of you.

nova hedges said...

What a nice place for your FIL to stay at, it feels like so comfortable and cozy and of course at home, the look on his face is immeasurable.

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

Having a parent or a relative move into a nursing home is heartbreaking for me. My only consolation is that I know they are being cared for and that there are medical professionals available in the event of an emergency. Gables Care Center looks like a lovely place for your FIL and he seems to be well settled and happy.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

This looks like a nice place for your FIL to be in because the place looks very clean and that they will take caare of him really well.

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