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Friday, July 27, 2012

Cosmic Chaos

During our visit to Kennywood Park, there are rides that we checked out but did not tried because the Burritos did not qualify for the height requirements.  
Upon arrival at the  parking lot, you will see this chairlifts which reminds me of the movie Frozen.  I don't think this one still operates as we did not see anyone  riding in it.
We  fall on line on this bumper car attraction, only to realized that our Burritos are not tall enough.  arrgghhh.  There were so many people  falling in line so we couldn't read the instruction at the gate.
Another ride that the kids aren't qualified is the Cosmic Chaos.
I am guessing that this place is where you can get some refreshment like ice cream and other drinks.

Back to School Craft from AstroBright

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buddha Bless You

No, I am not a Buddhist, I am not even sure if these statues are Buddha hehehe.  I just remember the "Buddha Bless you" phrase that a former colleague that I knew of  sees a buddha statue.  These photos were taken in Orlando Florida during our vacation last year.   The statue is so  big compared to Mr. Burrito.
My family and our family friend went to this Chinese restaurant.  This was my first time eating at a restaurant where there is a mandatory 15% gratuity fee hehehe.
Oh well, that's the price you pay when you go for vacation.
Anyhow, this  banana  display is cute.  I also love the lobster holding the wine glass and carrying  the  bottle of wine on his back.
What do you think about  the mandatory gratuity fee?  Is it fair to the costumer?  Won't tip should be given  voluntarily?

Tool Box

When one of  neighbor who is moving put out all the stuff that they  want to get rid of, my husband immediately   got interested with a  tool box full of  tools.  I am not sure if there's a deburring tool inside but hubby said that the worth of the tools he got is  more than what he paid for it.  It was a great buy actually because if you buy those  tools, especially the old ones, they are expensive.  I am glad that we got to buy it for cheap.

Kali River Rapids Expedition

 One of the Animal Kingdom's attraction that we went to is the Kali River Rapids.  To get in, you have to fall in line (it's long as usual.)   Waiting in line is  hard especially if you have kids but at the end of  the line, there is this ancient Southeast Asian temple where there are  neat and interesting displays that entertained us while we waited for our turn..
At least, you will be entertained looking at these displays before you can ride the white raft.  
 Good thing, we spent our Disney vacation with our family friend, the Dias family from Texas.  Our Burritos got to  play with their  friend Akesha.  Happy happy birthday dear Akesh, we  wish you  a healthy and  happy life.  We miss and love you!
  "Kali River Rapids flows through a dense rain forest and past waterfalls, temple ruins, and bamboo thickets, emerging into a cleared area where greedy loggers have ravaged the forest, and finally drifting back under the tropical canopy as the river cycles back to Anandapur. Along the way, your raft runs a gauntlet of raging cataracts, logjams, and other dangers."
 The line was so long but the  ride itself only takes 3 to 4 minutes which  is not enough to compensate the time you've waited in line.  I was glad that we  did it in the afternoon when the weather was so hot because when we got wet, we felt a little refreshed.  The ride  did not have a tour guide,  so navigation was fully  depend on the twist and turn that the raft will bump into.  We designated our son as the captain of our  raft that day lol.
We all got wet but with smiles in our faces.  It was a fun and exciting adventure that was full of twist and turns  in a rapid river.

Accurate GPS

Hubby and I  agreed that  the best thing that we bought that help us a lot when traveling is our GPS.  with the GPS, we never  got to worry about the places that we have never been to  because  we know that the  gadget we have is  very accurate.  One of the leading brand when it comes to GPS is the tom tom gps.  I think this is the brand that  my husband's work overseas were using then.  One of his colleagues told him that he  trust this brand.  we bought a different  brand  and we like it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Laughter and Fun at the Bowling Center

It's been a while since we went for bowling so last Saturday , we weent to one of the bowling alley here in our area.  It was a little expensive for the four of us but it's all worth it because  we had so much fun.
At first, Mr. Burrito  was apprehensive  but with Dad's help, he managed to score and got interested  after  that.  Ms. Burrito on the other  hand did not want any help.  I just wish that the bowling alley had a ligher ball that  the kids can use.
I remember when we were in Korea, we   always bowl because there 's a bowling alley inside the military base and the fee is not that much.
When we first arrived, there were a coule of families who were bowling but towards the end, it was only us.  The manager saw that the Burritos were not making any score so he asked us if he could raise the  guard rail (not sure of the term).  That's when the kids had their scores lol.
We  lack practice but it was so much fun to be able to bowl again.  The laughter and the bonding are so worth  the try.
I was gonna take a picture of the three but the manager volunteeered to take it so I could be in the photo too, awesome!
I would LOVE to do it once again!
Originally posted  on October 2, 2011


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