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Thursday, August 30, 2012

GrandPap, Grandson, Granddaughter

I am so Glad that my kids are so close with their GrandPap.  They always asks us to Go and visit Dad everyday.
I am Grateful that my father-in-law  Goes with us whenever we invite him to Go somewhere.  The photos below  were taken at my  BIL's  residence a couple f week's ago.
This coming Sept. 11, Grandparents Day will be celebrated  at our Church.  We invited  Dad to  come with us during the  mass.  Advance happy GRANDPARENTS day to all the  paps and Nanas in the world.
Presenting the GrandPap, Grandson, and Granddaughter enjoying the plunge in the swimming pool.

Top 5 Watersport Activities

Adrenaline-packed watersports are often a major addition to any thrillseekers’ holiday. Laying your towel on the beach and basking in the sunshine is often not enough for lovers of the outdoors. They’re likely to want to opt for something that will leave them feeling a little more exhilarated.

1. Windsurfing
Head for Turkey or Greece for your summer sojourn and sample their windsurfing holidays. Whether you’re a novice looking for some top quality tuition or an expert needing your adrenaline fix, these spectacular areas of Europe will not disappoint. Catch the sun’s rays on the sandy beach before taking to the ocean waves.

2. Waterskiing
If you prefer to be pulled along on the back of a speedboat on a pair of skis, waterskiing could be right up your street. Head to a beach hotel and make yourself at home, before hitting the shores and booking yourself in for a waterskiing course.

3. Kite surfing
An adventure sport that uses the power of wind to propel you across the waves whilst hanging on to a large, controllable kite, kite surfing holidays are as popular as ever with the adrenaline junkies. Popular in Italy, the Netherlands and Spain as well as various other locations all over the world. Take to the winds with this invigorating watersport.

4. Wakeboarding
A watersport that has boomed with popularity of late, wakeboarding involves riding a board whilst being towed behind a motorboat. Similar to waterskiing, with a snowboard edge, this fabulous thrilling sport is a must for all watersport enthusiasts.

5. Diving
The ultimate way to explore life underwater. Take a crash course on the art of SCUBA before taking to the oceans to discover some of the majestic creatures that dwell there. Enjoy the freedom of the open seas, dive amongst the coral, shipwrecks and shoals of vibrant fish and enjoy the marine life. Remember to take an underwater camera to help cherish the memories forever. 

Mexico Souvenirs

I haven't been to Mexico yet but I would love to, someday.  A dear friend of mine went for a Caribbean Cruise  and she sent me some souvenirs from Mexico.  
Ms. Burrito  saves  the bottles she receives from school with messages inside so she was happy to see another one coming from a close friend.  Seeing these bottles all together makes me  think of the Genie in a Bottle song by C. Aguilera.
The bottle got damaged, I tried fixing it with   super glue but some pieces were missing.  I did not toss it but rather  hide the  damage with a ribbon.
I love the sandal key chain, it's gorgeous!  Mr. Burrito love the turtle key chain.
Aside from those  keepsakes above, I also got  postcards, yay!
Thanks a lot sis Dhemz!
Funny Pictures

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New York City

I haven't been to New York City but I would love to visit someday.  There are beautiful selections of hotels JFK airport NYC that you can stay when you visit.  One of my  friends whom I know back in my country,  is now living in New York  and she gave me some travel   tips and  information.  It's nice that there are a lot of   sources that you can go to when you want to travel to certain places.  Everything is much better when it comes to finding deals  on travel because of the  Internet.  When I was a little girl, I would only heard New York in a song and I often wondered if I would ever see the place.  Now, I am closer to  getting the answer to that childhood  wondering  and I think that one of these days, it would.  New York would be a  beautiful place to discover and explore.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun times in Florida

It's a joy to remember our fun-filled vacation in Orlando Florida last year. We met the Dias family and we all explored the magical Disney World.  Below are some  photos  that I am very fond of.
What more could be  fun  than meeting another family friend and spent it in  a fantasy   place like Disney!

Beach Houses

Summer time always makes me miss  my hometown back home.  Ever since I came here, I have only been to the  ocean once when we had our short vacation in Pensacola, Florida.  The good thing about having a vacation here is the availability of beach houses for rent.  When we had ours  few years back, we stayed at a place where there is a kitchens it was cheaper to cook our own food  than eating out.    How about you, do you stay in a regular hotel during vacation or  you prefer  house for rent?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Elephant Ride

We sat at the bench and  enjoyed watching the  ducklings before the Burritos  went for an elephant ride at Kennywood Park.
Not literaly the kind of elephant that you have in mind but this mechanical elephant ride hehehe
Kennywood Park is a  good place to go if you have kids who love thrills and excitement.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daraga, Albay, Philippines

Our wedding anniversary is coming up  so I am featuring the church where we got married for the second time.  The Lady of the Gate Parish is located in Daraga, Albay.  It's one of the many catholic churches in Bicol Region/Albay Province.  
Sorry for the  poor quality of photos, I scanned them in our printer.
Below is a clear picture that I borrowed from
Daraga, Albay-Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church
Below is a history of the origin of the place's name.

According to Wikepedia ,  the  early settlers of Daraga were traders. The name Daraga came from a kind of tree that grew in abundance in the hill where now stands the Catholic Church with Baroque architecture.


The word "Daraga" historically refers to a maiden – it is the local term for an unmarried woman, not only in the municipality of Daraga, but in the entire Bicol Region. The original settlement of Daraga dates back to 12th century, but it has changed location repeatedly due to the constant threats posed by Mayon Volcano, adopting the names Budiao, Cagsawa, and finally, Daraga.

Daraga evolved to be progressive and prosperous in economy, eventually becoming a first class municipality. The town economy, originally agriculture-based, has rapidly transformed into an eclectic emerging urban system, enjoying the economic opportunities of being located contiguously with the urban center of Legazpi City. It draws trade relations with the island province of Masbate through the nearby Port of Pilar. It is strategically located along the Maharlika Highway, making it accessible from Manila and the Visayas, as well as the other municipalities of eastern Bicol Peninsula.
Happy 9th Anniversary to my DH.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Outdoor Blast

After swimming at my BIl's swimming pool, we went to the woods and practice shooting.
Rick, gave Mr. Burrito a ride and they did a  short tour around his land.
My FIL went with us too.  It was a lot of walking for him but he was glad he went, it gave him a lot of exercise that day.
Bonding in the woods is fun!
Rick and Mr. Burrito joined us after their tour.  Below is Daddy giving Ms. Burrito  some lessons on how to  handle a gun and how to shoot.  My daughter is  a pretty good shooter, better than I am, that's for sure.
Dad, is still a dead eye when it comes to shooting a gun, even at the age of ().  He only fired once but he hit the target in the middle like it's nobody's business hehehe.  I think that's  the skill that he will never lose for being in the WW2.
Hubby is pretty good too and so is my brother-in-law, Rick..
Their  target was a piece of wood.
Ms. Burrito joined in for a ride  going up back tot he house.
That's one outdoor blast that we had.  We are trying to enjoy it while we can,  before the cold season rolls in and before the classes starts this school year.


It's been..

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