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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sugar Rush

My son got sick right around Valentine's so he did not get to enjoy it with his classmates.  We  sent his treats to his classmates through  Ms. Burrito.  He was delighted when his sister came home that day as his teacher sent him the treats that his  classmates have for him.  
Ms. Burrito isn't really into sweets just like me so she's more than happy to  give it all to his brother, which makes him happier.  Such sweet gesture makes the little boy felt  so much better.
I think I've see so many colors that day.. Green, pink, red, blue, yellow, red, purple, and so much more.
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Funny Dog Breeds and their Needs

The breed of dog known as the Chow Chow is a fond favorite of celebrities. Such names as Drew Barrymore, Janet Jackson and Martha Stewart have all owned them. They are famed for their square, brick like frame and especially fluffy coat; the Chow Chow is a wonderful breed of dog. Its temperament has often been likened to a cat, with a chilled out demeanor  It can be intensely loyal to its owners yet show complete indifference to strangers.

Chow Chows originally hail from China where they are known as Songshi Quan. In the Far East a new craze has taken over, it involves dying your dog’s fur to look like other animals and as a result the Panda Chow Chow has sprung into existence (pictured below).
Photo: Chow chow
They look exactly like miniature pandas! Chow Chows are fantastic looking dogs but they require a certain amount of looking after, when it comes to dietary and grooming requirements. Their fluffy coat needs constant maintenance, with regular brushing sessions and trimming. It is also a perfect home for fleas, so being prepared for the inevitable is essential if you’re considering this breed.

They also require a diet that is rich with nutrients. Brands like Royal Canine offer specialist foods that provide what your dog individually needs. The needs of dogs are not universal, so no one brand of food can suit every dog. Others like Arden Grange have beautifully balanced meals at an affordable price.

Lots of celebrities are jumping on the eco band wagon recently. Public opinion is starting to shift too, as we begin to realise the benefits of eating food with naturally sourced vitamins rather than added chemicals. If you want to offer the same to your dog, James Wellbeloved have a range of all natural, organic food for your dog.

All of the above are stocked and are available for purchase online at VioVet (bar the Panda Chow Chows).

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart!

Classes were cancelled last Monday at my children's school.  To avoid boredom, Ms. Burrito decided to  play as a teacher and teach his  brother some lessons.
She made herself a pair of "eyeglasses" and accessorized herself so she could look like a teacher lol.
After their snack, they made some arts except the red one which was made by my son in school.  
Messages from kids are the sweetest ever!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Korea.. Philippines... US

I copied this collage of photos that my sister Mae did at muzy. It's a picture of my kids and my sister Lyn's daughters from the Philippines. That photo of my son in the cafeteria and of my daughter's at the  park were taken when we were still living in Korea. 

 I miss my family back home, wish I could come home every so often but  going there  is very expensive especially with the four of us.  I can only dream that soon, we could visit again.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Catholic School Week

The photos were taken during the second graders' class party  two months ago.  Yeah, I know it's been that long when this happened but I have been busy with so many stuff.
Next week will be a very busy week because the SJS is   celebrating the Catholic School Week dubbed as "Raising the Standards".  Their activities includes:
  • Friday (Jan. 25th) - Kick off to a "SOUPer" week!  Students can wear  their favorite team's jersey/shirt  and they are encouraged to bring a can of soup to be donated to the Community Bread Basket for the less fortunate.
  • Monday - Parents, grandparents and benefactors are welcome  to visit the classrooms for the Open House.
  • Tuesday - Student Day - Teachers will  treat their students .  There will be a free pizza lunch and we (Classroom Moms) will be serving sundaes.  I have to bring ice cream scooper and five bottles of sprinkles.
  • Wednesday - Teacher's Day! The theme for this day is Career Day.  The students are encouraged to dress as a profession they admire.  Students will also bring small something for the teacher (cards, notes , small gifts).
  • Thursday - There will be a mass at 9 am.
  • Friday - To concentrate on Raising the Standards, teachers will switch classes during second period and teach religion the class assigned.  
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Manual and Catalog Printing

Are you looking for an affordable  price to print  the catalog for your company?  There are cheap catalogs printing at Zoo Printing, the low price leader  online.  You can choose between  four color offset printing, 4 color digital printing, large format and more.  Their books and Manual printing services reminds me of my experience way back when I was looking for a good company to  bind my thesis.  I did not have many options over there so the quality of the thesis bound is not really  great.


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