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Thursday, September 27, 2012

George Was Here

I did not pay much attention to what is the details written on this specific  feature  in Kennywood Park but the monument   tells a big story  about the man  in the statue.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kenny Kangaroo

Kenny Kangaroo is one of the attraction at Kennywood that our Burritos have tried.  Me and hubby just watched them while the SS Kenny swing away hehehe.
"Kenny Kangaroo is the official skipper of this family ride. SThis tugboat rocks you back and forth, but beware of rough waters ahead when the boat begins to go in a circular pattern.  Parents can ride with their children. Children under 42" tall must ride with a responsible person; there is no maximum height restriction.  All children must be able to walk to ride."

Downloadable Attendance

Hubby and I are praying and hoping that he would be hired permanently at the  company that he is working now.  He loves working there and I hope that the company decided to hire him.  Right now, he works as a temp employee and although the pay is good, he wants to make sure that they would like his performance so they would keep him.  Anyhow, he took home all the  work sheets that he has done  for the past weeks.  I asked him if they use  a machine to log their  time  during work hours but he said that they only use forms just like the attendance forms that you can download online.  If you own a company or  hosting an event, you may check out the forms that you can download by visiting the link provided in this post.

Log Jammer

I can still feel the funny feeling in my stomach when the log that we were riding suddenly dropped at a height I was scared of in Disney World last year. I told myself that I would never do that kind of ride ever again so when we went to Kennywood, my lovelies were telling me to go with them but I refused..
I told them that I would just wait in the bottom so I could take pictures of them.  My son was not thrilled  of it but he went with his Dad and sister anyway.  For me, I was contented to be their photographer.  

Pandora Charms

I was looking at the selection of  pandora charms and other jewelry at Reeds  tonight and it reminds me of some memorabilia that my FIl has given me over the years.  I am very appreciative that  he would give me  things like the ruby ring that my late MIL had.  I was  honored when he gave it to me   and the fact that  according to my husband, he was the one who gave it to his mom, was a big plus for me.  I did not however expect that there would be a downside to that.  It bothers me but   the fact that I did not ask for it, I think I did not  do anything wrong.    But anyhow, the Pandora Fascinating Pink Murano Glass Charm is my  very favorite at the site's selection.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Industrial Scientific

 We went to Pittsburgh   last weekend and bought some  goodies from the oriental store.  We don't have  Asian store here in  Weirton so we have to go all the way to Pittsburgh to shop.  On our way home, hubby  showed us where he work at Industrial Scientific.
Just a quick snap of the building where hubby works.
He then took us where he   eats lunch at Marion DiCarlo's Pizza.    A slice of pizza here is under a dollar.
There was a couple of game machine inside the pizza place so we let the Burritos  played a game for each.
We had some pizza  before we left and  go straight home.

Those joyful  faces makes me  smile all the time.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Test Paper Results

My daughter took home her test paper results that they had last week and I am so happy to see that all of the results  are 100%.  She was a bit worried when she first started  in second grade but her  first grade teacher assured her that she is going to be fine.  The math problem that they are  having is still simpler so  she A's them with no problem.   Next year, she would be in  third grade and I am glad that there are   math worksheets for 3rd graders that you can use online.  If you have a third grader and  they need some help with their math problem, you can check out the   resources at Scholastic Printables   It is so nice that companies Like Printables offer this kinds of programs and materials, it helps parents to help their kids  with their  homework.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beneath the Shining Star Play

One of the photos during Ms. Burrito's Christmas  Play last year.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Peerless Mount

I like how my sister-in-law  mounted their  flat screen TV on the wall.  I am not sure if they used peerless mount but  they use some kind of mounting   tool for sure.  It's nice how TV nowadays are very skinny because it saves  space.  It is also nice that there are mounts that you could buy which makes it easier to place your TV  anywhere you want it.  Technology is amazing isn't it?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Volcano Valley

The Volcano Valley ride was closed when we went to Kennywood Park. This ride consists of 20 swinging gondolas traveling in a circular motion. The entire ride lifts to a 90-degree, spinning the riders upside down.  

This is one of those rides that would be impossible for me to try lol.  It would literally make me immensely dizzy.

Chapel Hill Memorial Garden

We went to Chapel Hill Memorial Garden last weekend to visit our departed loved ones. Tow of my brothers-in-law (Dave and Harold), my mother-in-law, My husband's Aunt, and my SIL's son were laid to rest in the said cemetery.
Next month would be   Dave's first year death anniversary.  My husband is still mourning over losing his brother from cancer.  His Mom and Aunt also died from cancer so it is very painful for the family.
His two brothers are side by side and  few feet away is my MIL's grave.  I admire the love that my FIL has for his wife, it's inspiring!
How often do you   visit your departed loved ones?

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Incredible Hulk

 Mr. Burrito here showing his "The Incredible Hulk" pose.  He is on his age where he doesn't really want to be photographed without doing or imitating someone.
Ms. Burrito on her highness  smile hehehe.  
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Set sail in style on the Celebrity Constellation

The Celebrity cruise experience is based on and branded around grandeur, glamour and exclusivity. There is a real sense of extravagance in everything that the cruise company does and what it offers its customers. All of which goes some way to explain why the Celebrity Constellation is such a magnificent vessel and why it offers the kind of holiday experience that many of us can only really dream of. The good news though is that prices, while they might be prohibitively high for some, are not nearly as off-putting as you might imagine. In any case, if you do manage to spend any time on-board, whether you've bagged a bargain or not, you are sure to remember the experience for the rest of your days.

In the coming month, towards the end of 2012, the Constellation will be heading around various parts of Europe's more elegant coastlines, starting from Southampton and taking in parts of France, Spain and Portugal. Thereafter and looking further ahead there are tours planned to the Bahamas and some of the Western Caribbean's more impressive islands, including Jamaica and the Caymans. She will eventually drop anchor in Miami, Florida as well, which is among the most renowned party towns on the American east coast.

Interestingly, the design of the Constellation and its fellow Millennium Class cruise ships provided much of the inspiration for Celebrity's Solstice Class of ship as it was being developed. However, recent changes made to update and improve the Constellation were in turn inspired by what emerged as some of the most popular features within the Solstice Class of ships. All of which lead Celebrity Cruises to describe the Constellation as having been "Solsticized".

You can book Thomas Cook cruises more easily than ever and long or short stays aboard the Constellation and the rest of the Century fleet are regularly offered at very eye-catching prices. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

George Hines Park in New Cumberland

On our way home from Chester, we dropped by at this small park called George Hines Park.
These photos were displayed there to show how the nearby railroad was built.
This gazebo is the  focal point display of the park.
Not sure what kind of flowers are these but little butterflies love them.
The ladies  hanged out in the park while the men  inspected the railroad lol.
This reminds me of the movie "The Lord of the Rings".
The river that separates Ohio from West Virginia.
The little man is trying to explain this kind of rock.
I wish you guys a great day!

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