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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tomlinson Run Adventure

I have mentioned in my previous post that we were invited for a birthday party in Tomlinson Run last weekend. We went earlier but we did not see anyone at the designated venue.  
We drove around, went to the parts where  we have never been yet but we  we did not fin it.  So we  went back to the venue, stayed there for about an hour and  decided to leave because I was worried that the fruit salad I made will get spoiled..
It turned out that they put a small sign from the entrance for the new venue that they picked.   They said that the  place was already taken when they arrived so they changed  the shelter.  We didn't see the sign they put  up so we never got to enjoy their company.  Nevertheless, we had a really great time out there since we  spent  one hour exploring the  lake. .

Friday, May 25, 2012

Disney World's Castle, Tree House, and River Boat

Here's another batch of our fun-filled week in Disney World last year.  Most of these  shots were taken by my friend Dhemz, thanks sis.
From our  princesses favorite castle to the tree house, the fun never  ends.  I did not really grasp the  story behind this tree house until I saw the movie just lately hehehe.
After so many walking and  climbing, we  took some rest by  taking the short cruise through the Riverboat Landing attraction.
Bananas  and oranges were our snacks most of the time.  We decided to bring fruit  because snacks inside  Disney World is  very expensive.

Motherhood is....

I did not know that my husband was taking pictures of me and the kids while we were playing with the dogs in the backyard. He was inside the house doing his homework and saw us by the window.
Motherhood is...
 finding time to sit and relax with your children;
Being able to bear the pain that goes along the way;
Being able to comprehend  what is best for them;
and being able to execute the TLC or 
tender, love, and care.
Motherhood is...
A gift from God that all Moms should enjoy and give value to;
A challenging  journey  that is full of twists and turns;
Revitalizing and  recreational,  that is the 
Motherhood for me..
Let me share this poem I found at

A Mother's Love

Submitted by: life heARTist
Author: Author unknown
A Mother's Love is like an island
In life's ocean vast and wide,
A peaceful, quiet shelter
From the restless, rising tide ...

A Mother's Love is like a fortress
And we seek protection there
When the waves of tribulation
Seem to drown us in despair ...

A Mother's Love's a sanctuary
Where our souls can find sweet rest
From the struggle and the tension
Of life's fast and futile quest ...

A Mother's Love is like a tower
Rising far above the crowd,
And her smile is like the sunshine
Breaking through a threatening cloud ...

A Mother's Love is like a beacon
Burning bright with Faith and Prayer,
And through the changing scenes of life
We can find a Haven There ...

For A Mother's Love is fashioned
After God's enduring love,
It is endless and unfailing
Like the love of Him above ...

For God knew in His great wisdom
That He couldn't be Everywhere,
So He put His Little Children
In a Loving Mother's Care.
Happy Mother's day Mommies!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Madonna's Football Field

 We went for a walk with our neighbor/friend and he took us to the  football field of the high school here in our area.  It was our first time  going to that field.  We always  looked down  on it  when we go for a walk but never realy have the courage to go down.  Thanks Don for taking us.
 We've seen some critters along the way.  The butterfly is dead already  but there were   deer in the area.
 We've seen some neat stuff  like the cave that we never knew existed at the bottom of the hill.
Too bad, we went down there when the sun was already setting.  It was cooler and  it was getting dark.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Travelodge hotel near Covent Garden Market

If you've ever wondered where might be the perfect place to stay for a few nights in London then look no further than the Travelodge hotel near Covent Garden Market. You will be right in the heart of the West End, within walking distance of any number of amazing attractions and a lengthy list of transport links that can get you to any other part of the capital that you're interested in visiting.

And as with every Travelodge hotel around the country you can expect a high level of service at extraordinarily low prices. There are no frills in terms of your accommodation but whether you're a first time visitor to London or you've been plenty of times before, you'll no doubt want to be out and about and taking in all that it has to offer. So your hotel is only likely to be a base for the activities you have in mind, and for that the Travelodge hotel at Covent Garden is absolutely perfect.

The famous outdoor market is virtually on your doorstep and you can set off in any direction and find no end of excellent restaurants, traditional bars, historic buildings and plenty more besides.

Covent Garden, LondonFor many visitors to London, the primary activity they have in mind is shopping and lovers of retail therapy are very seldom better served than by the Travelodge at Covent Garden. You can spend the savings you've made on your hotel booking on something great from one of the dozens of high end, vintage or old-fashioned high street stores nearby.

Whatever you have in mind for your next visit to London and whether your purpose is business pleasure or a little of both, there is very likely to be a Travelodge hotel that is ideally located to help you make the most of your stay and keep your costs to an absolute minimum.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Afternoon Walk

I took my Burritos for at long walk the other day a Marland Heights while hubby  was talking to Dad..
We had fun looking at bugs, beautiful flowers and enjoy the fresh air.
We passed by  this yeard with plenty of dandelions so the Burritos picked some for  the bunnies.
This is our favorite spot right here, looking over the Ohio  river.
My Burritos has disagreements  every now and then but at the end of the day, no matter how they quarrel, they still love each other  


It's been..

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