Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Spring Cleaning the Green Way

Spring has finally arrived and after this year's harsh winter, cleaning your home's carpet is probably very high on your home maintenance chores. This spring, go green by selecting a carpet cleaning company that removes the grime using environmentally friendly products. But before you throw open the windows, install the screens and have the rugs and carpeting cleaned, there are some other spring cleaning chores to be done first. 

Having your home's heating ducts and vents cleaned first prevents accumulated dust from blowing around and settling on freshly cleaned carpeting. Wiping down ceilings and walls before having the carpet cleaned is also a good idea. Removing dust and dirt from odd corners beforehand means that they will not be drifting in the air, ready to settle on fresh sparkling carpeting.

But carpeting is not the only floor covering that needs spring cleaning, either. Area rugs, especially runners experiencing a lot of traffic in the winter months, need a thorough cleaning that includes stain removal.

Now that you have decided to go green because everyone else seems to be doing it, it is good to know that green carpet cleaning really does produce outstanding results. Even better, you may notice that household allergies are not as troublesome after you have gone green.

Truly green carpet cleaning avoids the use of harsh detergents containing chemicals associated with central nervous system involvement and some forms of cancer. But at the same time, deep-seated grime and stains must be removed.

Green carpet cleaning products are usually based on nontoxic, biodegradable and safe ingredients such as baking soda and sodium lauryl phosphate. These do not give off that distinctive chemical smell associated with more traditional solutions, nor do they emit irritating fumes that cause watery eyes, burning noses and scratchy throats.

These green products do not rely on chemical fragrances to cover up odors left behind in carpeting. They remove the sources of bad smells entirely. All the customer smells is “clean.”

Even better, green carpet cleaning products do not leave behind detergent residues in carpet fibers. These residues sometimes remain somewhat sticky, and dust and dirt adhere to the residue. A chemically cleaned carpet does not remain looking clean for very long as a result.

Green Choice Carpet is one of the companies in the New York City area that uses nontoxic, safe and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning methods.

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Dhemz said...

buti pa dito madami biz...hehehe...hope all is well sis!

Ria C said...

I need one of those green products. It's very expensive here in Dubai but I don't mind shelling out more money to be sure that I don't contribute much on dumping chemical waste to our environment. Thanks for sharing this info!

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