Wednesday, July 2, 2014

History of Man's Bag

My husband does not really care too much about bringing bags with him. He only carries bags when he travels and that is because he needs them. I found it interesting when reading this brief history of the man's bag, that there are some many different kinds of bags that men have carried over the centuries. I don't see many men carrying bags. I think that men who have office work are usually the ones who carry bags. Please take a look at the info graphic below and see how the man's bag has evolved.
Ghurka History of The Man Bag Infographic
With the info graphic Presented by Ghurka above, you probably have an idea of how much the man’s bag has evolved through each era. The Middles Age bag is what interests me the most because of its name, Girdle Pouches. The Renaissance's Swete Bagges is so different. I don't think I have seen that kind of bag being carried by a man. I am only aware of the last four presented above which are the satchel, briefcase, bread bag, and messenger bag.

The messenger bag reminds me of the times when we went to Google Headquarters. I saw quite a few men who were using messenger bags. It must be a trend. How about your husband or boyfriend, do they carry a specific bag mentioned above?

7 travelers' comments:

A. Drewes said...

That's actually pretty interesting how it transformed over the years.

Marie said...

Wow I didn't realize men had a variety of bags, I don't see men carrying a bag very often though.

jo-anne said...

No backpacks? I see lots of guys have them too

Unknown said...

Never knew they had so many names for the bags that men have carried from the past to the present. I would of never thought.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

It is so awesome to learn something about the evolution of the man's bag. Interesting Girdle bag or pouch. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

How cool to see the evolution of a man's bag. Though my man only wears duffel bag and a backpack.

Mhar Mg said...

So informative. The messenger bag has been very popular especially on women's.

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