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5 Exotic Places to Get Married

Always dreamed of having an exotic wedding? Select from these five exotic options and know that your wedding day is incomparable - the perfect start to your life together.

#5: Pretty Pretty Princess

If you've always loved fairy tales, an exotic wedding in a castle could be just the ticket. You could go for a Disney Princess Wedding, or you could choose a real castle for your wedding venue, such as Ashford Castle in County Mayo, Ireland.
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Tailor the wedding to fit your dreams and indulge in a sumptuous meal, explore the gardens and spend the night - or nights - in the castle. Relaxing, stately and picturesque, this is a wedding your guests will never forget. Built in 1228, the castle has a rich history and a surreal beauty, evident in every inch of its architecture and interior decor.

#4: Beach Paradise

For the couple that wants a beautiful beach wedding, Mazatlan, Mexico is an ideal choice. Located just south of the Tropic of Cancer, it has mild weather that's beautiful any time of year, with very little rain. Known as the "Pearl of the Pacific", it's a port town with gorgeous resorts, amazing sunsets and stunning ocean views.

The area's beach hotels can help you plan the event, catering to your wishes, and then you can immediately delve into an unforgettable honeymoon where you and your new spouse can enjoy your well-earned pampering or explore the area and all its hidden secrets.

#3: Underwater

Underwater, coral provides the perfect stab of color for the photos. Fish scurry around you in clouds, their astounding color unbeatable.
Say your vows in the serene tropical waters just off the coast of Bali, Indonesia. Professionals allow you to select from several wedding packages and have all of your needs met, including local marriage requirements, flowers, food and video. Don't forget to schedule underwater and above water photoshoots of the bride in her wedding dress.

Although the number of guests that can attend the underwater ceremony is limited, everyone can come to the religious ceremony required by Indonesian law.

After exchanging vows, stay on the island for your honeymoon, for the perfect combination of exotic and relaxation in the tropics.

#2: On Safari

Elephants and other large game animals walk to the watering hole behind you while you exchange vows. Acacia trees provide shade from the hot African sun while Sumbruru warriors stand by. Later, join in the singing and dancing of the Maasai. Arrive at the ceremony by vehicle or by camel, and leave together as man and wife. Enjoy a Safari wedding tailored to you.

No aspect of your wedding day will be left to chance. Select the country you would like to marry in and the locale. Photographers, videographers, florists and the like will all be accounted for and arranged. All you have to do is select what you want so that your dream wedding can come to life, with you having to lift nary a finger. Enjoy a perfect meal with all of your family and friends as you celebrate together.

#1: In the Air

Hundreds of feet above the earth. A private ceremony while you exchange vows. And then, the Jump. Cling to one another as you skydive out of the plane. Celebrate with friends and family at your landing.

Las Vegas is known for its quicky weddings, but a large number of Vegas weddings are also well-planned, well-organized events, with the locale chosen for the large amount of accommodation and activities that can suit any age and any budget. Including the skydiving wedding, which has different packages available, so you can make your day exactly the way you want it. If you and your loved one like adventure and you like to make a statement, this could be for you. Switch it up by having the ceremony before the jump or make a memorable arrival at your ceremony.

However you celebrate the first day of your lives together, it should reflect you and your interests. Make your day something that you can look back on for years to come, no matter where life brings you next.

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