Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Shape of Your Health: What Body Type Are You?

The human body is a public source of news, entertainment, philosophy and ownership. We famously acknowledge everybody is different, giving the proverbial nod to a spectrum of types and body shapes in our acceptance soliloquys. While there in no one like you in the world, there are measurements to guide you through future health complications, according to weight distribution. If you aren’t familiar with your body type, follow our guide below.

The Apple

The apple shape has very little to do with eating too many Granny Smiths; take your tape measure and wrap it around your hips, waist and bust, write down the fingers and step back. Are you carrying a spare tyre around your waistline? Are you hip and waist measurements close enough for discomfort? The lovely apple has trouble keeping weight off these areas, naturally disposed to sending the first couple of kilos straight to the midsection. If you’ve lost control around the middle, you are risking diabetes, heart problems, breast cancer, fertility issues and depression.

The Stalks

The Apple shape generally has killer pins. When you exercise, you’ll notice your thighs and buttocks picking up tone quickly, with your stomach lagging stubbornly behind. Don’t despair. Shorts and rompers are making a comeback this season; colours, textures and styles abound for you to dress up those pins and rock the streets on a Saturday night.

The Trick

Exercise regularly to reduce fat density, eat a healthy foods and keep at it. It sounds boring, almost too controlled to be any fun and we understand that. Splurge out every once and a while, a good inner relationship with your body is equally important to your outer presentation.

The Pear

Are your shoulders, bust line and waist absolutely or even just a little tiny compared to your hips, bum and thighs? Welcome to Pearland. Population – You and one fifth of all women. You have a lot of company, sister. Are you cursing your big bum right now? Don’t. A big bum and hips, coupled with a small waist, can actually fend off diabetes and stroke, with your cursed bum fat absorbed negative toxins and acids before they cause serious health issues.

The Cinch

Victorian women employed a cinch belt to create the appearance of a slender, supple waist. Pear shaped women are walking cinch belts, rocking a minute waist and lovely, rounded hips into some of the most flattering pieces of this season. Bootleg jeans, flared skirts, quirky boots and tights will take your focus from your butt and redirect into how awesome you are.

The Trick

To maintain your svelte waist, hit the gym with intensity at least three times a week. Develop a balanced eating plan that is achievable and fun, otherwise you’ll pack on the pounds above the belt, eliminating the natural advantage you have over the Apple.

No matter what shape your body has arranged itself in, you are beautiful. All body shapes will benefit from a few home health truths, applicable to any stage, age or lifestyle. Reduce cholesterol by regulating fatty, processed foods; exercise three times a week for forty minutes; test your endurance by adding weights or resistance; laugh more often and leave the office at lunchtime, walking around helps desk bunnies work off excess energy and address frustrations.

Author Bio: John is a dietitian and has been for the past 2 years. In his spare time he likes to write blogs about health, fitness and all round well-being.

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