Friday, May 3, 2013

Designer Children's Clothing

We will have a busy weekend because our daughter is having a communion this coming Sunday.  She will have a rehearsal tomorrow morning at church and in the afternoon, she will be  rehearsing with her piano piece  for  the recital next month.  We shopped for some clothes for our kids last month  and I found some really good deals.  If you are looking for  the best place to shop for kids, Ladida is a great place to check out.  They carry great selection of designer children’s clothing that would surely love.  I like their selection of summer clothes for both boys and girls.  Shopping online  is advantageous because  you will find great deals on the  things that you are looking for by  comparing  prices from different merchants.  You can also avail with the sale and  free shipping offers  hat some  stores are offering. Check out this sassy kids  wearing their fashionable  outfits.  (Photo isn't mine).

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Ria Cervantes said...

Congratulations to Ms. little Burrito for her second Sacrament. She will no be receiving the Holy Eucharist. Another fulfillment to her faith.

PS. I've heard of Laddida from other moms. I think you're choice will be remarkable sis!

Jerla Oh lalala said...

their collection looks like vintage. I bet they are pricey since they're designer clothes.

Peachy Adarne said...

The poster displays very fashionable clothes for kids!

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