Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Selling iPhone Online

My daughter was telling me about her classmates who wants gadgets for Christmas.  She said that most of them wants either an iPad or an iPhone.  I told her that she should be glad that she is different because she wants a sewing machine so that's what I got her and me and hubby also got them a piano.   But anyhow, when it comes to gadget, I don't think I would allow my  kids to have a cellphone or any other gadget for that matter at a very young age.  I think when they are older enough, maybe.  

Speaking of iPhone, if you have one and you want to sell it so that you can get a new one, why not sell your iphone online?  Did you know that there is a website called SellCell that buys your  old cellphone? Yup, if  you would visit the link I have provided in this post, you would find out what kind of gadgets they  buy.  I am actually considering  to sell two cellphones that we are not using anymore.   You can click any  brand of cellphone that they  have on the list tom know how much your cellphone's value is.

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