Thursday, November 1, 2012

Become an Online Tutor

I was very fortunate to meet a student who became a friend til now.  I  tutored a Korean lady when we  were still living in Korea.  I had fun   teaching her  for few months until we have to leave and came back here.  Now, we still communicate with each other through social networks and  through snail mail.  During the time that I was teaching her, we would do it online  whenever she can't come to our house, kind of like what online tutors does.  We were sad when we left Korea because she became  the family's close friend back there.

If tutoring is what you love to do, check out how you can become an official online tutor at Online Tutor.  They have online tutoring jobs available that you can apply for.  You can work from a convenient place of  your choice which would be a great part time job especially if you are a working at home  Mom.  Being an online tutor would save you time and money because you don't have to  commute back and forth to a workplace  plus you will be able to  pick the  time that is most convenient to you.  So check out the jobs available at OK Tutor website.

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Diane said...

I wish I could find a good on-line tutor for French it would make life much easier. Have a good weekend Diane

Diane said...

I have just found some excellent links to French on-line teachers, thanks for the suggestion. Diane

dallastephens said...

Online tutoring is a good option for anyone because it provied a good way to share their knowlege and earn money. I save my time and money with this website

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