Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Tutoring

My two children are exactly opposite with so many things.  With my daughter, I don't really have to  do a lot of tutoring  because she love to read, try new things, and do things wit less supervision from me or my husband.  Our some  on the other hand  is very dependent  to us.  His attention span is very short which can be very frustrating sometimes.  He will be starting kindergarten this year so I have been teaching him the basic stuff that he needs  in entering the kindergarten  level.  I did not  send my kids to pre-school because I wanted to  to be their first teacher at home.  

As I have said,  my kids are like night and day.  The other is very independent and the other one is the opposite.  In teaching them at home, I  did not really use a curriculum but rather bought a book  that I use as a guide.  My daughter picked up everything very  fast and my son takes a little slow.  I am worried that  he would have a hard time when he starts school but I am hoping for the best.  That being said, I  still teach him now even  when the school is off because I really do want him to be  fully ready when the  classes starts next month.  

There are  online resources that you can actually  avail and use  to tutor  students or your kids with their academic stuff.  Just  follow this link to visit  www.SchoolTutoring.com and see how their course and program could help you with your tutoring  lessons.  They have specialized education for young learners which  could be a great tool in your  tutoring system.   I will definitely use  this tool  if my son would need such  aid   in school.  This would be a great help  to build their confidence.

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