Saturday, June 30, 2012

London Sightseeing Tours

Blogging is certainly an enjoyable and  informative hobby at home.    Visiting other blogs  gives me the   chance to see beautiful places and attractions like the Stonehenge.  One of the bloggers that I  really enjoyed visiting is from London and she  always  posts  fascinating stuff about  the beautiful places in London.  She featured the  trip they did at Stonehenge one time and the photos she posted are beautiful.  Just by looking at the photos makes you want to see it in person as well.   My fascination about the place did not stop at the post that  see at my friend's blog but rather led me to the  This is a website that provides  information about Stonehenge and other beautiful places in London.  

If you are planning to have a summer vacation or future   getaways  in London, visit Compare Stonehenge Tours website and you will find all the information that you need in exploring London.  Lucky are those who live  close by the most important and pre-historic monuments a across thew UK.  More and more   travelers are being attracted to this fascinating attraction.  If I would be given a chance to visit and see it, that would be a dream come true hehehe.

You can find  affordable pricing of  Stonehenge Tours at the above mentioned website.  They have   available slots right now so if you are planning to visit the place, just   click the link above and  see  the prices.  You can book online or you can browse the London sightseeing Tours  in Facebook to learn more about the full details.  The prices per person varies with age.  

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Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I have to admit to being very disappointed the last time I went to Stonehenge. It has been fenced, and there are now paths where you have to walk and it is very tourist orientated. It was so much better when it was natural and you could walk amongst the stones and enjoy the size of them and the full beauty. Diane

chubskulit said...

Hi Diane, I still love the photos you posted. They are absolutely gorgeous!

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